Grieving Parents Share Beautiful Stillbirth Photo Series to Bring Comfort to Others

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Love Song Photography

TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains images and information about stillbirth and infant loss, which may be triggering to some.

Although unspeakably tragic, stillbirth is an all-too-common occurrence. It's every soon-to-be parent's worst fear, but sadly it does happen. Even so, it's a subject poeple are somewhat afraid to talk about as a society -- and this reluctance makes coping with the death of a child even harder for moms forced to deal with this loss. Not only are parents grieving, but they also are consumed with guilt and anxiety, so that reluctance can make the whole process even more isolating. That's where photographer Lindsey Natzic-Villatoro comes in: With sensitivity and grace, Natzic-Villatoro documents these births and gives heartbroken families the gift of an everlasting memory.

"I wanted to capture stillborn photography to change the stigma of having this subject be so hush-hush," Natzic-Villatoro told CafeMom.

The California-based mother-of-three's dedication to representing the hard parts of life -- whether stillbirth, the journey of a terminal illness, or a dying loved one's last moments -- has resonated so much with families that she was inspired to start the Love Song Foundation, which raises money to fund photo shoots for potential subjects in need.

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Click through the slideshow to see some truly unforgettable images from the stillbirth of little Monroe Faith Staley, whose parents wanted their story to be shared in the hopes that it would bring comfort to others. 

(Warning: These photos are very emotional!)

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