Mom Told to Stop Breastfeeding in Store -- but This Giant Photo of Boobs Is A-Okay

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When you're out with an infant, you never know when that angelic baby might turn fussy. If feeding your little one will soothe or comfort her, of course you're happy to do it, and you'd imagine those around you would be glad you did. Unfortunately, mom Wittney Hale, who attempted to breastfeed her 18-month-old at a Dillard's department store, was told she could not "do that" and was basically ordered to continue in the ladies' room. That's not even the craziest part. 


A disappointed and rightfully shocked Hale took to Facebook to share her disbelief, which was heightened by the fact that the store features an enormous bra ad where breasts are pretty much in your face -- not that there's anything wrong with that. Check out this photo. It would be comical if it weren't so maddening:

"Why is it acceptable for a giant picture of BOOBS to be on the wall but I cannot feed my child?" Hale points out, clearly not missing the hypocrisy.

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The department store repeatedly posted this reply on Hale's Facebook wall:

Dillard's strives to create a pleasing and comfortable shopping experience for all our guests at all times. Accordingly, we respect the right of mothers to nurse their children wherever they feel comfortable in doing so. Upon becoming aware of this situation, our store manager immediately reached out to our customer and apologized. Our associates have been reminded of our breastfeeding policy.

We're glad to hear they're addressing it head-on and reminding employees so other moms aren't treated this poorly.  

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This part really gets us angry:

Annoyed, she began to tell me the directions to the restroom again.. (Down the hall, take the elevator, then around the corner) I'm sure my hungry child would understand that we have to take a journey to somewhere more secluded where she can eat.. NOT. I immediately went and asked for the manager so I could file a formal complaint (which I did online)

We're so proud of this mama for sticking up for herself and her hungry baby! Until places like this -- and their employees -- get the message that breastfeeding is a completely natural part of life, we all need to stand united and speak up. 



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