Parents Shouldn't Have to Change Their Baby's Name Because No One Can Pronounce It

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In case you didn't know, choosing a baby name is a pretty big deal that often results in endless hours of research and more debates and campaigning than a presidential election. Expectant parents want to feel like they got it right, for the sake of their child and their sanity. This is why you can't help but feel for Carri Kessler and her hubby Will. These Maryland parents legally changed their 3-month-old's name because no one could pronounce it.


Like most moms and dads, Carri found inspiration for her daughter's name through friends and family. Mom loved her UK pal Ottilie's baby name so much, she decided to bestow it on her child.

Pretty sweet, right?

Well, it was ...

After folks -- including her own family -- found themselves mispronouncing Ottilie (some thought it was "Oddly") time and time again, Carri and Will made the tough decision to legally change their daughter's baby name from Ottilie to Margot when she was 3 months old.


Ottilie sounds like a great baby name. It's too bad Mom felt anxiety whenever she showed off her sweet girl.

Carrie told Today:

Anytime anyone said her name, I kind of cringed. Introducing her [Ottilie] made me sweat. And I thought, we're going to keep having to introduce her! This is going to be a problem forever.

How sad!

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As someone who has an exceptionally challenging name to pronounce (it's Tanvier, in case you didn't see the byline), I feel this mama's frustrations about people F-ing up your name. Hell, I couldn't pronounce my own name until I was in kindergarten, let alone write it with ease without struggling.

It happens. There will always be some who stumble and butcher up a person's name.

But, you know what? I still wouldn't change mine for the world.

While I don't know much about tennis outside of the Williams sisters, I'm beyond thankful my pops watched Cathy Tanvier play and said to himself, You know, Tanvier sounds like a badass name.

It's different. It's hard to spell (unless you know French). And it's hard to say. But I'm happy with my name, because it's the one my parents thought was the best for me. Plus, I happen to love going against the grain.

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I feel my name gives me edge and makes me unique. Sure, it does suck when I try to find one of those personalized license key chains -- or when I hear folks chop it up -- but I'll survive.

While I certainly respect doing what you think is best when you're a parent, it's my hope no mom- or dad-to-be feels any type of pressure to conform to society.

There's nothing wrong with being different.



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