Squirting Breast Milk on Strangers Is Maybe Not the Way to #NormalizeBreastfeeding

Breastfeeding mom nursing her baby
How can we truly "be the change we wish to see" if we allow others to take us to low levels? Many people seem to support a breastfeeding mother's squirting milk on a woman who had an issue with Mom nursing her baby in public. And as funny as the visual might be, behavior like this isn't the best way to effect change.


The incident -- shared on the UK Facebook page Dartford Gossip -- is sadly a familar-sounding event that nursing mamas have likely heard (and experienced) one too many times.

While out with her own child and husband, an unnamed woman took it upon herself to "recommend" a mother breastfeeding her baby do so privately.

Well, to say that went over smoothly would be an understatement ...

"... Telling me to fu** off and squirting me with your boobs was incredibly uncalled for."

What's interesting is that quite a few people actually applaud the nursing mum for squirting milk at the lady who had an issue with public breastfeeding.

I, however, am not one of those people.

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As much as I support the #NormalizeBreastfeeding movement and enjoyed nursing both my tots -- both at home and in public -- there's something about going from a verbal disagreement to a physical one that just doesn't seem right.

Two wrongs just don't make a right.

If the roles were reversed, and the anonymous woman threw a drink (or some liquid substance) on Mum, this whole situation would no longer be a joking matter. We'd be calling everyone from local news outlets to breastfeeding alliances to rally around the nursing mother.

I'm a Type A personality through and through. I have no problem going "tit" for tat and holding my own. But now that I'm a mother, I try to think about my actions and how they could possibly affect my children.

Don't get me wrong, this breastfeeding mother didn't douse the woman with gasoline or anything too crazy. (Breast milk could actually help her if she had eczema, IJS.) But what if this lady wasn't all there in the head -- or was an emotional volcano waiting to erupt? (I think something was going on considering she was a little too concerned about her "easily distracted husband" seeing a breastfeeding mother.)

What Mom thought would be a harmless gesture could've easily turned into something dangerous -- because folks these days are ready to go off the deep end without thinking twice about it. That's why this incident just didn't seem worth that chance.

Even though I disagree with this breastfeeding mum's actions, I do empathize with her frustrations. It can get SUPER annoying to constantly have to deal with nasty stares and rude comments from people who seriously need to get a life. Hell, it's hard enough getting LO to cooperate so you can carry on with your day. Do folks really think moms who nurse in public want the additional frustration of onlookers? (That answer is no.)

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Between people throwing hands for no reason and lawsuit-happy individuals looking to make a buck (some think this incident could be considered battery), we should all take a page from Michelle Obama and take the higher road.

Arguing your point is one thing, but making things physical is another.




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