Watch This Mom Deliver Her Own Baby Inside Hospital Doorway Like a Total Boss

Main Entrance Of Modern Hospital Building With Signs

Forget the Olympics and all of those wonderful athletes. Jessica Stubbins just won the gold for the most badass delivery we've ever seen. (Seriously!) Video of this UK mom delivering her own baby in the hospital entrance is so amazing -- and something you truly need to see to believe.




After going into labor at home, Jessica and her husband, Tom Stubbins, were on their way to the hospital. And just like most expectant parents, Dad went off to park the car, leaving his wife to enter the hospital.

Needless to say, baby Lucy had a plan of her own that didn't include waiting for Pops.


Jessica told Good Morning Britain how shocked she was to deliver her own child:

I just told Tom he best drop me off at the door as he parked the car. And then I was trying to close the door really quick and then, as I got out, I just knew that she [daughter Lucy] was on the way.

So unbelievable!

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Jessica, what is your address across the pond? I feel like I need to send you something, because a virtual high-five just won't do!

My mind is beyond blown.

As a two-time mama -- who endured natural deliveries -- I can't even begin to imagine delivering my own kid like a boss. I'm so happy you made it to the hospital, even if sweet Lucy decided to make her grand debut in the entrance.

Although Dad wasn't able to be present for the actual birth of his second daughter (Jessica and Tom are proud parents to toddler Penny), at least he can watch the replay.

Man, this was like the express checkout of deliveries. If only it could happen this fast all the time!

PS: I hope you were able to get some sort of discount at the hospital, Jessica. You know, seeing as you delivered your own kid.



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