5 Times We Have All Been Aly Raisman's Adorably Freaked-Out Parents

Lynn and Rick RaismanWe're so thrilled that this Olympian gymnast is competing in Rio, not only because she's an amazing athlete, but also because we adore her parents. Seriously, is there anyone more animated than gold medalist Aly Raisman's mom and dad, Lynn and Rick? This duo from Needham, Massachusetts, isn't just cheering from the stands -- they're living every second of the routines with their daughter. 




We fell in love with them during the London games in 2012, when their reactions made us laugh -- and relate! Seriously, we cannot even imagine the pressure. You've been rooting for your child her whole life and it's all been leading up to this moment.

While watching a son or daughter compete in the Olympics isn't something most of us experience, we've all felt this range of stress, nerves, and general anxiety -- on a smaller scale, of course -- when it comes to seeing our kids perform. (Mercifully, we aren't all televised. But, it's so entertaining, maybe we should be.)

Clearly, we can see where Aly gets her gymnastic abilities. Look at Mom and Dad writhe and wriggle their way through her events. 

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Let's review the moments we've all been the Raismans: 

It's the bottom of the ninth inning, the score is tied, bases are loaded, there are two outs, and your son is up at bat. You peek out through your fingers. Can you even watch? It's beyond terrifying.


It's the fourth grade regional spelling bee and your daughter has just been given the word "daffodil." You practiced it at home, but can she pull it out in the clutch? 



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It's the first day of kindergarten and your child walks into the building without even a glance back at you. You hope he makes friends. You also hope he's not seated next to that kid with the runny nose you just met during drop-off!

Your baby just nailed the trumpet solo at the spring band concert. You're on your feet. Who cares if you're the only parents giving a standing ovation?

Your daughter crushed it in her dance as the Sugarplum Fairy in the Nutcracker. That's right, son, get up and clap for your sister! 


We're not the only ones who adore this duo. Fans on Twitter are having fun watching them as well. 


The Raismans deserve to win the gold for parental support. 

We can only hope Aly competes again in 2020 because we can't get enough of this family.


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