Dad's 'Chorekemon Now!' Urges Kids to Find Magical Creatures -- & Mop Floors!

Awesome dad creates Chorekemon Go for kids

Ever since the phenomenon known as Pokémon Go came out, the search for magical creatures has mobilized folks across the globe -- including kids, who would otherwise make an excuse as to why it's soo hard to lift a finger. If you're a parent who's noticed how dedicated your kid is to the game -- and yet how he or she continues to give you lip about contributing to the house -- this one is for you. Seth King is the awesome dad who created the Chorékémon Now! list of household tasks that's just perfect.


"Are you a master Chorékémon trainer? Have you caught the following Chorékémon around our home?"

Sadly, this isn't a real Pokémon spin-off, though it would certainly come in handy. Should your kiddo need a boost in the cleaning department, be sure to post this on your refrigerator.

"Nab this critter by successfully vacuuming your room!"

Break out the dust pan and mop, we're with ya, Dad!

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In case you can't read it, here's what Chorékémon Now is all about:

Chorekemon Now! Gotta do 'em all! Are you a Master Chorekemon Trainer? Have you caught the following Chorekemon around our home?

Floormander (80 HP) Nab this critter by successfully vacuuming your room!

Toiletascrub (100 HP) Rein this fella in by scrubbing a bathroom from top to bottom!

Dustgrub (60 HP) Collect by dusting ceiling fans and furniture!

Mowerlax (130 HP) Rare catch requires mowing lawn and trimming bushes. Make sure to get rid of clippings!

Dishmanitan (40 HP) Don't let it escape a dirty kitchen!

Moppinfreshdoe (60 HP) Hardwood floors need moppin', and this guy needs catchin'!

Super-Chorekemon uber trainer Mom will verify "catches." You can do it!



Who knew Pokémon Go would be so damn handy in the parenting department? Not only can you encourage your kids to be more active, but you might be able to cross a few items off your cleaning list, too!


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This dad scores major points in my book with this uber-fun idea. (And how about that impeccable handwriting?) Even though my kiddos are still toddlers and don't use Pokémon Go, I can remember how I felt every time my mother told me to do something around the house when I was younger. 

I wanted to head outdoors to play, and she wanted the dishes cleaned.

Something like Chorékémon Now would've duped me into sprucing up the house with a smile. Sure, it sounds silly now, but how many of us try to make everyday things sound exciting to our littles, so they can #GetErDone without a ton of lip?

And, who knows, maybe your child will find a Drogon while dusting the ceiling fans -- or an Exeggutor while mowing the lawn.

Seth, you may be onto something.



Image via latenotes/Instagram

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