Message From This 'Feminist Dad' Should Be a PSA on Raising Strong Girls

Doyin Richards feminist dad


Doyin Richards is a dad who wants his two daughters to know they can do anything the boys can do, so he's starting with T-ball. The feminist father coaches the only all-girls team in their league because he understands that raising women who know their true power starts young.


I didn't expect to learn anything about raising empowered women from a dude, but Doyin has some serious insights.

"I am the biggest feminist dad you will ever see," he says in the video from Upworthy. "I believe in feminism, I believe in women's rights, and I will do anything to make sure my daughters have a seat at the table. Even if that means T-ball. If it starts at T-ball, cool.

So cool.

But, he says his team often isn't taken seriously by the competition -- though that doesn't stop them from wanting to win.

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"We're teaching them that they can compete with the boys, that they can do anything the boys can do," he says. "And we don't want them to know that when they're teenagers; we want them to know that now."


Take a look at the video. It's incredible and inspiring.

You might recognize Doyin -- he's a well-known blogger at Daddy Doin' Work, author, and Microsoft commercial star who talks a lot about being the proud father of two little girls. 

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He's so right. Our girls might need a little extra encouragement to compete, to win -- and to lose.

"I want to introduce my kid to losing early, I want her to understand you will lose. I have lost so many times in my life, painful times ... but I get up. I get up every time. And I want them to understand you've gotta get up too. Because life will knock you over."

He also talks about watching girls lose that competitive spirit as they get older and how he wants to work to prevent that. 

"Four- and five-year-olds, if I went to my T-ball team and said, 'Who's the fastest girl on the team?', all of them raise their hands."

Doyin Richards daughter

He adds that he sees girls become slower to raise their hands and claim they're the best as they get older.

"I want her to keep her hand up when she's 13, 14, when she's going for her job interview," he says about his own 5-year-old daughter. "When she's in a boardroom, I always want her to raise her hand and believe in herself."

That part made me tear up a little.

Doyin and the dads like him who truly seem to enjoy parenthood are themselves a radical feminist statement just by being who they are. Our girls -- heck, all of our kids -- benefit from seeing men be really good at what was once deemed "women's work." Likewise for moms who kill it in the boardroom, operating room, or classroom.

His genuine interest in raising girls who know better is just icing on the cake. And all of our kids benefit from hearing men talk about feminism and women's rights as everyday matters, not as something controversial. 

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So thanks, Doyin, for raising empowered ladies, for giving your time to help do the same for your neighborhood kiddos, and for teaching this feminist mama a thing or two about how it's done. You remind me how bright the future is for my own daughter.

Keep up the good work.


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