Brand-New Mom Rants About 'Lazy' Parents & Sets Off a Firestorm

New mom blasts parents who complain about their kids

You know that saying, "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar"? Yeah, it's true. And yet, too many people take to their soapboxes to point out issues that have others, on the receiving end, preparing for battle. This unnamed mom's Facebook rant about complaining isn't entirely wrong -- but the delivery definitely gets two thumbs way down.


Proud mommy to a 2-week-old baby, this mama had no issue calling out other moms who constantly feel the need to complain about being a parent. Pointing out everything from food underneath the couch to the failure to keep up with personal hygiene, Mom went in -- and doesn't give a flip what you think about it.

I don't even have anything to preface this with, other than I thought you all could use a hearty belly laugh :D

Posted by Sanctimommy on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"If my child managed to smear peanut butter all over my curtains, that tells me that I'm not watching them close enough. Food is eaten at the table, not while running through the house."

Wow. Tell us how you really feel!

It's a good thing the Sanctimommies Facebook page removed Mom's identity. One can only imagine the number of people who would flood her message box with insults and threats of throwing dirty diapers at her door.

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I know I'm gonna catch stones to the head for this, but I think some of what this mother has to say is kinda true.

Hear me out.

Being a parent doesn't give you a license to be "lazy." You can have a baby, still cook, and do your best to keep your house clean. After I had my second son (my kiddos are 16 months apart), I felt the energy to cook, though I left tidying up to my husband.

So yeah, there are certain things you can still do as a mother.

But calling someone lazy is hardly right, on any level. And if having a messy home at times makes you a bad parent, I guess I'm guilty as charged. I'm also guilty of sometimes letting my kid watch Caillou. That should seriously be a crime.

CafeMom writer Tanvier Peart

(There's my 2-year-old zipping through the living area with his play mop and bucket.)

Toys everywhere!

Does my house look like a tornado ran through it at times? Yes, it does. Does my home with 2- and 1-year-old boys look messy all the time? Nope. It's a household rule to clean up your stuff each day.

As much as it hurts to step on a toy, seeing my children play without fear of not touching this or rushing to put up that is one of the greatest blessings in my life. My life is full of craziness, complexities, and disorder from time to time -- and it doesn't make me a lazy mother.

(For the record, my 2-year-old helps me sweep and mop the home. While my kiddos do love playing, they also enjoy tidying up.)

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I think it's safe to assume that no mother on this earth wakes up and says to herself, Yup, I really want a deconstructed look in my home, full of stains and sh** everywhere.

It's just not true.

Perhaps this mom will realize -- once her sweet 2-week-old gets out of sleep mode -- that trying to keep up with tots can be hard work. They keep you on your feet, require a ton of energy, and can literally turn things upside.

There are going to be messes. There are going to be stains. And, just like you aren't a perfect mother if you have less than others, you aren't a horrible or lazy parent if there's a wee bit more chaos in your home.

As happy as I am that Mom is making a conscious effort to keep her place tidy, her meals cooked, and her appearance snatched, all of us need to be careful not to shame others moms.

We already get enough of that!



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