Watch This Mom in Labor Pole Dance Between Contractions Like a Boss

Beautiful woman performing pole dance. Shot with industrial concrete background.

We've seen laboring moms try almost any and everything for the sake of pain management, but this right here deserves a gold medal -- like for real! It's crazy to imagine an expectant mom pole dancing through contractions, but that's exactly what Kat Bailey did. Think we're lying? Honey, the proof is in the video.


Baby Joshua likely had no idea how much of an Internet sensation his mum would become. After enduring 24 hours of "brutal" early labor, Bailey, owner of the UK PoleKat Fitness studio, decided to record herself doing a challenging pole trick known as the "Iron X" between contractions.

This. Is. Sick.

So...I'm officially in labour :) Got a few hours before we go to the hospital so thought I'd do some pole between...

Posted by Kat Bailey on Sunday, July 31, 2016

Go ahead, Mom! Work it out on that pole. *Snaps*

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As a fan and former practitioner in the aerial arts (I would still be trying to twirl, but there are too many damn ceiling fans in this house), I have to say Kat is my hero -- no, my shero. I don't think folks realize the kind of strength that's needed to tackle pole dancing, let alone how much it takes to not only get into the Iron X, but hold it like Mom did.

Trust me. I've tried and fallen on my head ... plenty of times.

Man, as active as I was throughout my pregnancy, the only strength I mustered up before pushing out my babies was to pack my hospital bag. (Yes, I know you're supposed to do that ahead of time, but I never listened.)

Yeah, I'm trying to picture myself on the pole I had up -- and whether or not I would be able to make some magic happen on it during labor.

... Nope!

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I'm not the least bit concerned about this mama's well-being. Seeing as she owns a pole dancing business, it's pretty safe to assume Kat wouldn't put her baby in harm's way.

Her video is just so amazing and a testament to how powerful mothers are!


Image via pio3/Shutterstock

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