Breastfeeding Mom Told to Cover Up or Leave 'Bad Moms' Screening -- Yes, IRL

Bad Moms movie, photo credit: STX Productions, LLC

Movies have been known to provide a much-needed escape from everyday life that can often mirror the scariest of nightmares. Sadly, 50 moms looking for a fun night out in Florida found themselves in a real-life horror film. After they purchased advance tickets to see Bad Moms opening weekend, a movie manager not only told mothers with babies they couldn't watch the film, but also demanded that breastfeeding moms cover up -- or leave the theater.



While parents opting to bring a small child to the movies isn't uncommon, Regal Cinemas' policy prohibiting kids 6 and under from entering R-rated movies is what likely triggered an employee to inform Brooklynn Cahill and Juliana Valverde, two moms who brought infants with them to the outing, they couldn't see the movie.

After getting a ticket to Ice Age: Collision Course (you know, something more age-appropriate for the babies) instead, Juliana and Brooklynn did what some people aren't afraid to do: They snuck into Bad Moms. Welp, things definitely took a turn for the worse when the cinema manager caught them and allegedly told Juliana, who was nursing her baby at the time, to cover up or leave the theater.

Needless to say, no one lived happily ever after.

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You and I can argue all day on whether it was or wasn't right for these mothers to take their babies to the movies with them. When my husband used to play rugby, it wasn't weird to see families in a sponsoring bar after games for "drink-ups" with kids -- though I'm sure outsiders looking in would consider that nuts. (Who doesn't have a problem with something someone does these days?)

Did the thought of catching a flick ever cross my mind when my kiddos were infants (they're 2 and 1 now)? Yeah, sure. I was too chicken to do so, but I do know moms and dads who were able to slip in the back of a theater with their LO and not have it be a huge deal.

While I personally wouldn't be bothered by these moms (unless baby was crying and they didn't take baby out!), if theaters have policies in place that say small children -- including babies, who barely remember they burped and farted, let alone what was on a screen they can't even see yet -- can't go to certain films, well, it is what it is.

What's not, however, cool is to tell a nursing mother she has to cover up. That's a big issue that many breastfeeding moms and advocates fight so hard to normalize in this country.

For the record, it's very legal in Florida to breastfeed in public and private locations (one would have to assume that includes movie theaters), which means the mama nursing her baby should've been left to handle her business. (Florida does not consider breastfeeding a form of public indecency, thank God.)

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Hopefully we can get to a point where the sight of a nursing mother isn't grotesque to some people. And if you can't breastfeed at a showing of Bad Moms, where can you?!



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