Breastfeeding Mom Gets Ready for Date Night -- Multitasking Like a Boss

Antonio and Terricka Cromartie attend the 7th annual Shorty Awards on April 20, 2015 in New York, NY.

Life as a mother is anything but dull. Yes, moms do carry out everyday tasks, but once you start to add things like kids, schedules, school, and carpooling into the mix, that whole juggling act quickly turns into wizardry you can't purchase in stores. Terricka Cromartie's multitasking breastfeeding video proves moms have superhuman powers that make them even more badass.


Antonio Cromartie, a New York Jets cornerback, has no problem showing how much he's in awe of his wife. Giving birth to their twins a couple months ago, this mother of five (yes, five children) was determined to enjoy her first post-babies outing and nourish one of her kiddos in the process.

"Doing makeup and breastfeeding."

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Terricka's Instagram video was a hit among her viewers. In fact, many fans loved seeing mom in action and praised her for showing the world you can breastfeed your babies and still do something for yourself, too.

"Who said they are no real SUPER WOMEN??? #realwomen #bestmom #multitask," wrote one commenter.

"Girl, you are good! This brings back memories for me," praised another.

"Super mom! I hope you had a great time -- really deserve time out!" mentioned another fan.

Mom's breastfeeding video speaks volumes. For starters, the public post helps the cause to #NormalizeBreastfeeding. It also serves as a reminder for moms to get out and enjoy themselves. I can't tell you how easy it is to feel like you need to stay at home 24/7, in fear of turning into a bad mom should you ever want a moment to yourself -- or with a love other than your baby.

You can want to go out, breastfeed, and still be a badass mother.

Like Terricka, I can remember days when I was breastfeeding my kids in unexpected places. I breastfed while turning in assignments during my freelance days, making dinner, brushing my teeth, peeing (hey, it happens), and just about any and all places that didn't include my bed or a chair.

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I think it's very easy as mothers to beat ourselves up over all the things we aren't doing instead of focusing on all the awesomeness we are. Moms aren't perfect, but are pretty kick-ass in the multitasking department.

Thanks for sharing, Terricka!



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