New Mom's Hilarious Photo Is Proof Dads Feel Labor Pain, Too

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Men, you gotta love 'em. No matter how much flak we give them -- regardless of whether it's deserving or not -- most guys still find a way to hang in there, especially in the delivery room. And that's what makes this mom's photo of a horrified dad-to-be all the more hilarious. Gents might not like to express their feelings verbally, but they damn sure know how to speak through their facial expressions -- LOL!


Thank goodness Alisha Baxter had the strength to share this photo on Facebook while in labor. (Yeah, you get bonus points for that, mama.) Even though the Australian new mom was likely in the worst pain of her life, she captured the perfect picture of her partner, Jive, that just about sums up how men feel inside the delivery room.

... Terrified.

I thought I'd share this photo of my partner while I was in labour. Everytime I look at his face and how squished his fingers are I crack up 󾌴󾌴

Posted by Alisha Baxter on Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just look at that ninja grip! (Ouch.)

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You can't help but feel for all men who head into the trenches with their loves on "D-Day." Sure, they don't have to do any of the heavy lifting -- that includes enduring excruciating pain and pushing a baby out of their bodies -- but that doesn't mean guys don't feel some kind of way, or feel the pain of their partners.

As Jive reminds us:

Haha, aww.

Seeing this poor man's facial expression makes me think about my husband during the deliveries of our kids. I was so consumed in trying to get through the whole birthing process (a natural one at that), I completely tuned out the entire room -- including my guy.

And who knows, I might've had a funny photo op if I looked to see how he was coping.

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It must be very hard for guys to watch the women they love go through so much pain and not be able to do anything about it. (It can't be easy.)

So, on behalf of all mamas, I say thanks, guys, for hanging in there with us, holding our hands, staying up to keep us company, and enduring the moments when we scream and curse you out. Sure, stuff like this is a "given," but that doesn't mean we can't give you props.



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