Parents of Boy Killed by Alligator at Disney Decide to Honor Son, Not Pursue a Lawsuit

lane graves

It's been a little over a month since adorable 2-year-old Lane Graves was snatched by an alligator and killed during his family's Florida vacation, but for his parents their grief is just as fresh and raw as it was the evening the tragedy occurred. Still, Matt and Melissa Graves announced that they have decided not to sue Disney, and, instead, will focus on the "future health" of their family.


Rather than take Disney to court, the couple intends to keep their son's spirit alive through the Lane Thomas Foundation. According to the foundation's website, funds donated will be used to "make direct donations to various charitable organizations." What a beautiful tribute. 

The Graves family's decision will no doubt surprise many who viewed Disney as responsible for not alerting guests to the hidden dangers in the Seven Seas Lagoon where little Lane was wading when the unimaginable happened. While "no swimming" signs were posted, visitors may not have fully grasped what was lurking beneath the water's surface until this nightmare occurred. Since then, signs have been placed around the area.

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But, as devastating as this tragedy is, no amount of money is going to replace their sweet child. Even an enormous sum couldn't alleviate one moment of grief that these parents are experiencing. 

In their statement, the Graves family explained their decision:

statement from Graves

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In today's "make 'em pay" society, it's so refreshing to see that this family is seeking solace rather than vengeance. We admire the couple for wanting to move forward peacefully. If they pursued a lawsuit, which could end up taking years to settle, they'd be reliving the details of this devastating loss over and over again, causing them renewed heartache.

Hopefully, Disney will make a sizable donation to the family's foundation that the Graves family can use to bring hope to others in need.

Or, perhaps some compensation has already been made by Disney that hasn't been disclosed. Either way, we wish this family nothing but peace and better days ahead as they attempt to heal.



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