If You Haven't Gotten a Guilt-Trip Letter Like This From Your Kid Yet, Just Wait

Mom shares hilarious

If you think you know how the truth hurts, just wait until you get one of these beauties from your kid. A 9-year-old girl's note to her mom has gone viral -- because it's a visual reminder that our kids know how to twist the knife to make us feel even more horrible than we already do.


After arguing with her daughter about keeping a clean room (aka, the ultimate showdown every parent has with his or her kid), Mom and her daughter Ellie exchanged a few words. Ellie said she'd rather be sold on eBay than live with her family (ouch), and Mom said no one would buy her (yowza).

(You know, classic bickering between a parent and child.)

While the two did kiss and make up, that didn't stop 9-year-old Ellie from getting one last thing off her chest. Here's the letter Mom shared on The Unmumsy Mum Facebook page:

Kids know just how to get you in the guilts! [Story behind this note: Ellie (9) refused to tidy her room, her mum got...

Posted by The Unmumsy Mum on Saturday, July 16, 2016

In case you can't see Ellie's note clearly, here's what it says:

Dear Mum,

Yes I agree I was mean to you and did very wrong. I am very sorry but the fact I am poorley and wanted to rest has just flew out the window. I am sorry. But the fact you said no-one would buy me really shattered my heart. At least now I know how ashamed you are of me.

All my love,


Man, if that doesn't make you want to pull down the shades, climb in bed, and stuff your face with every carb in the house as you cry yourself to sleep, read it again.

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Hopefully Mom didn't feel too super horrible after getting this note, as all parents will likely receive a handwritten "why are you so horrible to me?" letter sooner or later. (If you haven't, no worries, it probably got lost in the mail.)

Thankfully, fellow mamas started posting the guilt trip letters their kids blessed them with. You aren't alone, Mom!

Here are a few goodies.

Moms share guilt trip letters they received


Moms share guilt trip letters they received

Moms share guilt trip letters they received


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I can't help but laugh at these notes for two reasons. The first is that I remember writing long letters to my mom when I was younger that were just like this. (The joke, however, was on me. She didn't find them funny.) Kids don't always use the correct punctuation, but have nooo problem dropping a bomb on you -- before trying to kiss you good night, like they didn't just make you consider seeking professional counseling.

The second reason I'm laughing is because I know it's only a matter of time before my 2- and 1-year-old sons will shoot me guilt-trip letters. (I'm secretly chanting the "Sticks & Stones" affirmation in my head.)

As wonderful as parenting can be, no one said there wouldn't be any wounds on the journey.

Hang in there, to this "mum" and to all fellow mamas. I know we're all doing our best!



Image via The Unmumsy Mum/Facebook

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