Baby Lost Amid Horror in Nice Is Reunited With Family, Thanks to Facebook

nice terror attack

As with every recent story of terror and heartbreak, the attack on Thursday in Nice that left 84 people dead and 50 critically injured (including children) turned some ordinary bystanders into heroes -- like all the people who took to social media to help return a lost 8-month-old baby to his parents


It started out like every mother's worst nightmare: The little boy went missing in his blue stroller after a truck plowed into the crowd celebrating Bastille Day. In the midst of what must have been a horrifically violent and bloody scene, I can't even begin to imagine the gut-wrenching panic his parents must have felt. For your baby to disappear when people are dying all around you ... it's just incomprehensible. 

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But then, a ray of hope -- a woman named Tiava Banner (who is not the baby's mother) posted a message on Facebook asking for info on the infant. The post was shared thousands of times, until finally it was seen by the young woman who rescued the baby from the chaos and, according to a member of the child's family, took him home with her.

"She then went online and found the photo of the baby on Facebook,” the family member told the international news agency AFP.

Thanks to the Facebook post, the woman got in touch with the baby's parents, and the family was miraculously reunited. The Facebook post was correspondingly updated with this happiest of messages:

“Found! Thank you Facebook and all those who helped us.”

It's just so incredible to think that, thanks to the power of social media, a potential catastrophe was averted. While this latest terrible occurrence makes it hard to see the glimmer of a silver lining anywhere, we have to hold on to stories like this one as proof that even in the darkest times, there is light to be found.

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And as parents, especially, we need these reminders that there are good people out there -- people we've never met -- who would still try to help our children in a moment of crisis, simply because they're decent human beings. We need to be reminded that decent human beings still exist. They're picking up the pieces, looking out for the helpless. They're banding together on social media to make their voices heard.

Here's hoping this family is finding a way to heal and feel safe again.

Here's hoping we can all find a way to feel safe again.



Image via Lionel Urman/Splash News 

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