'Chardonnay Go' Will Have You in the Bushes Looking for Wine

Dena Blizzard hilariously creates Chardonnay Go

While people are jumping into oncoming traffic and sprinting across their neighbors' lawns to catch a Pokémon, moms now have an amazing excuse to sit this one out. After all, who the heck needs to play Pokémon Go when you could run around your neighborhood to find free glasses of wine? Dena Blizzard's hilarious "Chardonnay Go" mom parody is an Internet sensation, and for a good damn reason.


"Free Chardonnay for moms everywhere!"

The One Funny Mother creator will have you laughing nonstop with her hysterical Facebook video that just about sums up what mommies will do to get a good glass of wine.

Pokemon Go for moms "Chardonnay Go." Come see Dena live in One Funny Mother at New World Stages. #PokemonGo...

Posted by Dena Blizzard on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"And the best thing about this app is that it's free. And there are no problems with security, because Google wants you to drink."


Dena definitely gets an A for creativity, as it's quite evident she and her neighbors had a ball filming this. There's a good number of us who have no idea what a Pokémon is and why people are taking to the streets and the most unthinkable places to catch one.

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Wine, however, is pretty universal, especially if you're talking about moms.

When I first saw this video in the middle of the night, I woke up my entire family. (Yeah, trying to get 2- and 1-year-olds to go back to sleep is not fun.) It's HILARIOUS and does such a fun job at poking a little fun at a mother's relationship with wine.

Obviously, Dena is not an alcoholic -- or trying to promote any foolishness that would actually land you in jail. But, hey, if the spirit moves you to zip around your neighborhood in a minivan and run into people's houses for a glass of wine, Chardonnay Go!

(Come on, this is funny!)

Even though Chardonnay Go isn't a real app (am I the only one who tried to find it?), admit it: You would totally download it and play with your fellow mom friends.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to watch this again.

Chardonnay Go!



Image via Dena Blizzard/Facebook

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