Super Mom Records Herself Giving Birth via Cesarean -- & the Video Is Amazing

Mom films c-section of her third child

Some things you truly need to see to believe. An Australian mom recorded her C-section on her iPhone, giving viewers viewers an in-depth and intimate look at the birthing experience from a laboring mother's perspective.


To say this mom of three is the queen of multitasking would be an understatement.

Jacqueline's live birth video of her baby girl on the "challenge" YouTube channel is not something we see every day -- especially when you consider it was Mom who was doing the filming.

(Note: If you're eating, you might want to put the fork down for a sec.)

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As someone who had two vaginal deliveries, I've always been curious about how mothers feel -- and the emotions they experience -- when they get a C-section. And even though the video is short, it's so amazing how much calm Jacqueline had to even record her daughter's birth in the first place.

Mom's tears and her cries of joy perfectly sum up how every mother feels when she brings life into this world.

Having a baby is amazing -- and so is this video.

(Talk about up close and personal!)



Image via the challenge/YouTube

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