21 Magical Baby Girl Names Inspired by the Sea -- Perfect for a Little Mermaid

Anne Meadows | Jul 15, 2016 Parenting News
21 Magical Baby Girl Names Inspired by the Sea -- Perfect for a Little Mermaid
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King Triton of Disney's The Little Mermaid sure had a thing for "A" names, didn't he? He named his daughters Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, Alana, and, of course, Ariel. While the alliterative theme certainly is cute, there are so many unique and beautiful sea-inspired names out there he missed! We found 21 of our favorite names inspired by the sea. Move over, Triton. CafeMom has this covered.

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For anyone who is a water lover, or wants something that is truly unique, these names might be the perfect fit! And any of these would definitely fit in a Grimms' fairy tale. These names are ethereal and sweet! 

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We've collected a list of mermaid-worthy names, drawn from myths and cultures that span the globe, that we're sure any little water baby will flip her fins over. Trust us, these names go perfectly with a tail and a sea-shell shaped bra. 


Image via Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

  • Aerwyna

    Image via Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

    Aerwyna (pronounced ERWihNAH) is a melodic name that sounds like it could have belonged to an elf in The Lord of The Rings. With old English roots, it actually means "Friend of the Sea." What an elegant and regal name!

  • Asia

    Image via Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

    Asia is so much more than a place name. In Greek mythology, Asia was the daughter of Oceanus, and mother to Atlas and Prometheus. The name's meaning is "sunrise." What a sweet name for a little girl!

  • Faridah

    Image via Yarkovoy/Shutterstock

    Meaning "matchless pearl," Faridah is an Arabic name that at once sounds exotic and familiar. Almost like Farrah and Frida got together and had ... a baby!  

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  • Coralia

    Image via Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock

    Coralia, "like coral," is the name of a mermaid in a 19th century ballet based on Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué's Undine. If you like the name Coraline but want something a little more rare and special, give Coralia a try.

  • Daryah

    Image via Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

    Daryah, a Persian name for "sea," is a lovely variation of the name "Daria." It's not too sweet or feminine and has a bold, brave feel. 

  • Meri

    Image via iStock.com/katrinaelena

    Meri is a lovely Finnish name meaning "the sea." It's also a super fun alternative spelling for the classic name Mary. So cute!

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  • Kaia

    Image via Toranico/Shutterstock

    The short and sweet name Kaia has doubly sweet meanings: In Greek, the feminine name means "pure" and in Hawaiian it means "the sea." Pristine clear water ... what a lovely inspiration for a darling baby name!

  • Kailani

    Image via Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

    A lovely spin on the Hawaiian name Kaia is Kailani, meaning "sea and sky." The name just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

  • Delphine

    Image via Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

    Okay, so maybe Delphine has more to do with dolphins than mermaids -- but aren't the two creatures natural BFFs? We just love this Francophone name that sounds so elegant and ladylike.

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  • Asherah

    Image via Maxim Chipenko/Shutterstock

    If Asherah has a royal ring to it -- there’s a reason why. While the name itself has Hebrew origins, Asherah was a goddess of motherhood and fertility in a number of ancient sources. The name means "she who walks in the sea." 

  • Calypso

    Image via AlexeiLogvinovich/Shutterstock

    Calypso was the beguiling sea nymph of Greek mythology who fell in love with Odysseus after he was shipwrecked on her home island. It's also a name given to a type of rhythmic West Indian music. So, win-win!

  • Marcelline

    Image via Kostiantyn Fastov/Shutterstock

    The French name Marcelline means "defender of the sea." But it also happens to be the name of a guitar-playing cool chick "Vampire Queen" on the animated TV show Adventure Time. Either way, this name's a winner for a baby girl. 

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  • Marin

    Image via borisovv/Shutterstock

    Marin has Irish and Gaelic roots and means "star of the sea." It's a totally chic shorter version of Marina. Perf for any water princess baby. 

  • Lana

    Image via Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock

    You might be thinking of classic Hollywood beauty Lana Turner when you hear this name. But Lana, in Hawaiian, means "afloat in calm waters." In other words, where we'd all like to be right about now, right?

  • Maraja

    Image via Natali Dronova/Shutterstock

    This royal-sounding name comes from the Esperanto language, and means "made of the sea." If you're looking for something super rare and mystical in a baby name, you've found it!

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  • Meribella

    Image via Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

    Meribella, with Latin roots, means beautiful star of the sea. It's a sweet alternative to popular -ella names like Isabella and Anabella.

  • Moana

    Image via Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

    We can't wait for the upcoming Disney movie Moana, about a young heroine from the South Pacific. In Maori, Moana means "wide expanse of water, deep sea." A grounded, thoughtful name for a beautiful baby girl.

  • Naia

    Image via Malakhova Ganna/Shutterstock

    Naia, a sweet name meaning "wave" or "sea foam" in Basque, should be on everyone's list. 

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  • Sereia

    Image via Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

    Sereia is the Portuguese word for mermaid and makes for a lovely girl baby name. It sounds almost like "Siren," another historical name for mermaids. 

  • Cari

    Image via iStock.com/maybefalse

    Cari is a cute, unique name from the Turkish "flows like water." Sounds perfect for blessing a baby girl with a smooth, carefree life!

  • Muriel

    Image via iStock.com/katrinaelena

    Muriel has definite vintage appeal. An English name with Celtic elements, it means "bright sea." Sparkling waves on a sunny day -- what a great vision to inspire a girl's name!

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