The 21 Safest Cities in America for Raising Kids Might Inspire You to Pack Up & Move

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When trying to decide on the perfect place to start a family, there are plenty of factors for parents to consider (affordability, education, resources), but foremost on the minds of most moms and dads is safety. That's why Safewise, a home security company, recently compiled a list of the safest cities in America to raise kids, analyzing violent crime data from the most recent FBI Crime Report, sex offender populations, state graduation rates, and school rankings -- and the findings might surprise you!

If you like New Jersey, for example, you've got lots of locales to choose from (Connecticut and Indiana were also big winners). But one thing all these cities have in common? An emphasis on providing a secure, enriching environment for kids in a number of ways. See if your hometown made the list!

21 safe cities 

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