The 21 Safest Cities in America for Raising Kids Might Inspire You to Pack Up & Move

The 21 Safest Cities in America for Raising Kids Might Inspire You to Pack Up & Move

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When trying to decide on the perfect place to start a family, there are plenty of factors for parents to consider (affordability, education, resources), but foremost on the minds of most moms and dads is safety. That's why Safewise, a home security company, recently compiled a list of the safest cities in America to raise kids, analyzing violent crime data from the most recent FBI Crime Report, sex offender populations, state graduation rates, and school rankings -- and the findings might surprise you!

If you like New Jersey, for example, you've got lots of locales to choose from (Connecticut and Indiana were also big winners). But one thing all these cities have in common? An emphasis on providing a secure, enriching environment for kids in a number of ways. See if your hometown made the list!

21 safe cities 

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  • #21: Gilbert, Arizona

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    A draw for families because of kid-friendly attractions like a huge nature preserve with a dinosaur dig section and over 250 species of birds, Gilbert, Arizona made the list for its low crime rates and high quality schools.

  • #20: Edison Township, NJ


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    Calling all future inventors: Named for Thomas Edison, who built his "invention factory" in Menlo Park, Edison Township fittingly puts an emphasis on education and creative arts for kids. 

  • #19: Naperville, Illinois

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    Also named one of the "top five kid-friendliest cities in the nation," Naperville, Illinois, gets high ratings both for being safe and for its Digital Learning Initiative, which implements progressive technology in school classrooms. 

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  • #18: Toms River Township, New Jersey


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    Between a health department that works extra hard to educate kids about things like water safety and the Zika virus, and a super low crime rate, Toms River Township is all about keeping families safe!

  • #17: Orem, Utah

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    Situated beneath the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, Orem, Utah, offers families endless opportunities to safely enjoy the great outdoors, including hiking, skiing, and biking through thousands of acres of national parks. 

  • #16: Franklin Township, New Jersey


    With an active youth council responsible for coordinating family events and volunteer activities, Franklin Township also has a service that helps young people find jobs -- and plenty of opportunities for wholesome recreation (like paddle boats!).

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  • #15: Monroe Township, New Jersey

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    In addition to meeting all the criteria that makes a town "safe," Monroe Township is known for its impressive public schools, particularly an elective college prep class called AVID (advancement via individual determination) which has resulted in 95 percent of its graduates attending universities. 

  • #14: Manchester Township, New Jersey


    Close to the Jersey Shore, Manchester Township is an ideal spot for families who love water sports -- and for families who love low crime rates, too! (Meaning every family, of course.)

  • #13: Cary, North Carolina

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    Gorgeous scenery isn't all Cary, North Carolina, has to offer -- there's also a bustling downtown area and a variety of fun, family-specific events, like an annual Princess Picnic where families can dress up like royalty for a day.

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  • #12: Fairfield, Connecticut

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    With top-notch schools, beaches, and a wide range of performance arts programs, sports, and other things for kids to do, Fairfield is one of Connecticut's most popular family towns. Plus, its school district has strong anti-bullying laws and policies in place. 

  • #11: Newton, Massachusetts

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    Fun Massachusetts fact: As a whole, the state has the lowest number of high school fights and instances of bullying. Newton is currently making their education game even stronger by renovating and expanding its elementary schools.

  • #10: South Brunswick Township, New Jersey


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    Not only is South Brunswick Township the 10th safest city in America (with an extremely low crime rate), but it's also less than an hour away from NYC, which makes it perfect for families with commuting parents!

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  • #9: Olathe, Kansas


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    Not only did Kansas come in second in the nation for making high school kids feel safe enough to attend class, Olathe also offers a rare mix of countrified attractions (horse pastures, the 1238-acre Heritage Park) and the kind of culture you find in cities (the Downtown Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit). This city also has a cool resource called School Safety that provides tips about how young kids can travel safely to and from school.

  • #8: Essex, Vermont


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    If the fact that Vermont has the sixth lowest number of sex offenders in the country isn't enough of a draw, then maybe the abundant apple picking and stunning fall foliage Essex is known for will sell you on this charming city! Bonus: They have an active community Neighborhood Watch program.

  • #7: Merrimack, New Hampshire

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    How safe is Merrimack, New Hampshire? There were only four violent crimes reported in 2014, a staggeringly low stat compared to most cities in this country!

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  • #6: Old Bridge Township, New Jersey


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    New Jersey has the second best schools in the country, and Old Bridge Township takes that one step further by providing safe and affordable childcare through the non-profit Before & After School program.

  • #5: Middletown Township, New Jersey

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    Voted one of the "Best Places to Live" by Money magazine four times, Middletown Township is a wholesome coastal city with an emphasis on education.

  • #4: Irvine, California

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    There are almost 60 parks in Irvine, attractively located in the middle of the ocean and the mountains, so families can spend lots of time safely soaking up the great outdoors. Plus, the city offers over 100 summer camps with programs in everything from the arts to engineering!

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  • #3: Greenwich, Connecticut


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    Connecticut ranks sixth for the best schools in the nation, and Greenwich has some of the best. It also has "exceptionally" low crime rates and a low sex offender population, as well as several beaches, plenty of parks, and a stellar public library system.

  • #2: Fishers, Indiana


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    For a town with 85,557 residents, the fact that there were only 18 violent crimes reported in 2014 in Fishers is pretty remarkable. Also pretty remarkable: The variety of town-sponsored family activities like "Monsoon Madness," a free Slip 'n Slide festival.

  • #1: Carmel, Indiana

    carmel indiana
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    The number one safest city in America is a pretty impressive title, but Carmel deserves it! And it's not even the first time the city has made headlines: It's also been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for being home to the "World's Smallest Children's Art Gallery,” an art center for student artwork. 

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