Bow Down to This Mom Who Delivered a 12-Pound Baby Like a Boss

Big pregnancy belly

No matter how much an expectant mom tries to envision how things will go down in the labor and delivery room, there are certain realities you'd never expect to happen -- and this is one of them. A UK woman just delivered a 12 pound baby ... naturally. Wowsers!


(It's okay if you feel you need to grab some ice.)

That's right, little baby Rory tipped the scales at a whopping 12 pounds, seven ounces -- a reality that shocked both his parents and the medical staff. In fact, Rory was so big, that attendees had to call in the cavalry to help deliver him once they saw the head.

Here's a look at Charlotte's adorable bundle of joy.

Posted by Charlotte Hawthorn on Monday, May 9, 2016

He's so cute, and so big!

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Charlotte revealed she was clueless Rory would be such a big baby. And, even though she endured a natural delivery as planned, Charlotte didn't realize she had a tiny giant on her hands until she visited her hospital's nursery.

As Mom says:

When they took me to the ward, and I saw him next to other newborns, that is when it hit home how big he really was. I met another mum and we put them side by side and nobody could believe I had really just pushed him out myself. He looked like a giant, bless him.

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Man ... I bow down to any woman who can push a baby out of her vagine that weighs in the double digits -- let alone, without any meds! I had two natural deliveries, but both of my boys were each just shy of eight pounds. (I thought that was hard enough!) Charlotte, I know it's too early to think about this ... but I think you have a future rugby player on your hands. Maybe the Avengers need a mini Hulk for their movies?

As much as our mouths are probably still catching flies at the thought of a mother delivering a colossal baby, I'm so happy for Charlotte and her fiancé Mathew, as they say they experienced years of infertility before undergoing IVF to have Rory. No matter how grueling Mom's birthing experience likely was (Charlotte says she labored for five hours and pushed for two), in the end, it was all worth it.

Posted by Charlotte Hawthorn on Monday, June 20, 2016

Aw. So precious.

Rory is such a beautiful child and living proof that life's miracles can occur -- and sometimes come in big packages!




Image via iStock/tombaky

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