Children's Deaths Prompt Massive IKEA Recall: 6 Things You Need to Know

IKEA is conducting a massive recall of 27 million units. Here's what you need to know

Parents never want to imagine that something in their home could cause their child harm. Sadly, there are hidden dangers. IKEA is voluntarily recalling 29 million chests and drawers after reports of six children dying from furniture that tipped over on them.


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that a child dies every two weeks from furniture tipping over, which is enough to give any parent nightmares. 

Here's what moms and dads need to know.

1. IKEA is recalling 21 million chests and drawers and eight million MALM chests that do not meet performance requirements. In addition to the six fatalities involving furniture crushing a child (deaths date back to 1989, with the most recent occurring in February 2016), there are reports that at least 36 kids have been injured due to furniture tipping over on them.

2. Recalled chests and drawers are considered unstable if they are not properly secured to the wall. This can result in units toppling over and causing serious injury -- even death -- to children.

3. Both IKEA and the CPSC strongly advise parents to immediately stop using children's chests and dressers higher than 23.5 inches along with adult chests and dressers higher than 29.5 inches that are not anchored and secured to the wall. Consumers are urged to use wall-anchoring kits and move units that are not safely secured to the wall to an area of the home that's not accessible to children.

4. In addition to the MALM collection, there are over 100 series with chests and dressers affected by this recall. IKEA notes units included in the recall were sold through June 2016.

IKEA MALM collection recall

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5. US consumers with an affected unit can receive a free wall-anchoring repair kit that has the necessary hardware -- including replacement tip-over restraints -- and instructions that will help anchor the furniture to the wall. The option of a full or partial refund is also available.

6. To receive a free wall-anchoring repair kit, customers can contact (866) 856-4532 between 9 a.m. and 12 midnight ET. You can also visit, or visit an IKEA store. For more information regarding the recall, visit IKEA's recall of chest and drawers FAQ.



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