This Amazing Birth Photo Was Deemed 'Too Graphic' for Instagram

birth photoEven if you're squeamish, seeing a new life come into the world is pretty remarkable. So it's no wonder a birth and baby photographer is upset that an amazing photo of an infant being born was deemed "too graphic" by Instagram


Knowing the full image, which depicts a newborn's head leaving its mother's body, might be too much for some, Jes Jackson of Itty Bitty Photography took the time to crop the shot.

But Instagram removed the photo not once, but twice for failure to follow the social media platform's guidelines. Take a look and see if you think this pic is "too graphic."

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Intense? Yes. Too graphic? That really depends on the viewer, but chances are if you're following a birth and baby photographer's account, you're expecting to see real and raw birth photos exactly like this one.

It seems like the photographer's intent wasn't to shock but to illustrate a baby straddling both worlds -- something many would find compelling.

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Needless to say, Jackson was upset and angry to find out that her photo had been removed. We don't blame her. If you think about some of the graphic images you see on the news or even in video games today, you probably find it hard to believe someone could be horribly offended by the sight of a newborn's face and a midwife's hands.

For Jackson, who gave birth at the age of 16, sharing photos like this is a way of showing how natural and normal the birth process is. She's attempting to challenge the notion that it's something terrifying. Unfortunately, by removing the photo, Instagram seems to be reinforcing that idea.

After posting it a third time with a new caption, the photo has not been removed. Let's hope the social media site is getting the message that birth is beautiful, not ugly or something to be feared. 


Image via ittybittyphotographytas/Instagram

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