Moms Sees Horrifying Video Online of Her Baby Being Drenched With Gallons of Water

baby being doused by water

No parents ever want to think about their precious child being put in a potentially dangerous situation -- especially at the hands of their child's caregiver. Brittany Dixson is an Indianapolis mother who logged on to Facebook only to discover a video of her 7-month-old baby being doused with gallons of water at a splash pad. And if that wasn't frightening enough, little Annora's babysitter stood by and watched it happen.


Desiree Howell is a mom who posted video of the incident on Facebook in efforts to locate the baby's mother. After noticing what she thought was strange behavior, Howell decided to record Annora's babysitter and call the police. Then, she decided to take further action by sharing her video.

Needless to say, any mother would be angered and fearful if her baby was placed in such a dangerous situation like this ...

You have got to be kidding me!!!!! She is abusing this child. Baby is crying. And swallowing this water. Pray this baby...

Posted by Desiree Howell on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Baby is crying. And swallowing this water. Pray this baby won't drown in her sleep!!! She has been yelling at her telling her to get over it ... it's part of being a kid."

This concerned fellow mom told BuzzFeed that she witnessed the babysitter allowing this to happen "multiple" times -- that's why she decided to take action.

Needless to say, Brittany reportedly fired the babysitter. (Police and child services are investigating what happened.)


I didn't have to watch the video to know it was going to piss me off -- and seeing it only made me more enraged. For starters, how in the hell would anyone think placing a baby directly under a water feature that dumps gallons of water at a time would ever be okay?! There's a reason why there are specific areas in a water park for little tots. Sure, this babysitter scooped up Annora after the incident happened, but this 7-month-old should've never been placed in such a situation!

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It's hard to keep my cool as my first reaction would be to put hands on this woman (if I was Mom -- or the woman recording the video). I'm so thankful little Annora is doing okay, as dry drowning and secondary drowning are very scary realities that can happen, even if you think your child is okay.

I can only imagine the emotions that are still running through Brittany's mind. Finding this video on Facebook. Realizing you're watching your own baby! Having to confront the woman you trusted to keep your child safe.

My kids are 2 and 1, and I can't even begin to picture someone doing this to them. It can be hard enough leaving your child in someone else's care that incidents like this make it even harder to trust anyone.

As tough as it is to watch this video, or think about horrific events happening to a child, I'm glad it made its way through social media channels so Brittany could handle her business. With so many freak accidents ending in the loss of a child's life making the news, we need to do better than this.

You know, that saying "It takes a village to raise a child" is very true. As parents, we try to do our best to keep our children out of harm's way, and sometimes that includes relying on Good Samaritans when we're not around. Whether you call the police, use social media to search for Mom, or feel the need to intervene, if something looks wrong, don't be afraid to stand up and take action.

A child's life just might depend on it.



Image via Desiree Howell/Facebook

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