Watch This Fit Mom's 'Crib Workout' & Try Not to Freak Out

Fit mommy Melanie Darnell sparks controversy with questionable workoutsIf you're a mother who loves searching the Internet for inspiration and tips on staying healthy, there's a pretty good chance you've heard of Melanie Darnell. Keeping us motivated to move with her site, this mom of two is raising eyebrows because of a controversial "mommy workout" over a baby crib that will make you do a double take.


Melanie recently posted her workout on her FitMomma4Two Instagram page that's now gone viral. Some of Darnell's fans were shocked to see Mom doing everything from side planks to push-ups over her baby's crib -- especially because her child was right below her!

Do you see anything wrong with this?

"Putting Sage's bed to use for this fun crib workout! No gym, no problem ..."

(Well, all right, Melanie.)

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While there were people who came to Melanie's defense, many did not think this calorie burn was a good idea.

"You can do all of these on the floor where you don't risk breaking the crib and falling on your kid. Good for you but c'mon, this is just showing off and not being safe. Most of your stuff is awesome but this isn't. Be fit but don't be stupid ..." said one commenter.

"One mistake could be bad. At least take the baby out of the crib," feared another.

Feeling the heat from her video's comments, Melanie felt the need to defend her workout and is saddened anyone would ever think she would put her child in harm's way.

Speaking with People, Mom said:

It makes me a little bit sad, with people thinking that I'm putting my child in danger. But in my opinion, I'm not. I'm taking precautions. I know my skill set. I know what I'm safely capable of performing.

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Listen, I'm all for using soup cans as dumbbells and your toddlers as a chest press alternative. But this ... looks so extra, and not because I think Melanie will fall on her baby. (Y'all know moms have catlike reflexes.) Hopefully whoever put that crib together followed the directions, as I can see those awesome acrobatic moves resulting in a clip on Tosh.0 or Ridiculousness.

Yup, I don't have such luck to use random household items as gym equipment and not fall and bust my a**.

(Good for you if you don't have any issues with clumsiness!)

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I applaud Melanie's efforts to show other mothers that you can be fit and enjoy life as an expectant mother and new mommy. We need more ladies to lead the way so others can follow.

Obviously Mom is going to do whatever she feels and is physically capable of tackling. I just hope those who attempt to follow Melanie's videos give some thought to the sturdiness of their crib before trying to do some aerial leg raises above their child.

(When in doubt, just use the floor.)



Image via fitmomma4two/Instagram

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