Woman Pours Vodka into Little Boy's Face for Splashing in a Pool #WTF

Stair around outdoor swimming pool in hotel resort

You know the world is crazy and folks have lost their minds when families aren't safe on vacation. It's hard to imagine what prompted Roseanna Kiser to think it was okay to publicly chug down vodka from a bottle during a stay at the Sheraton Sand Key in Florida, but she did. And if that's not odd behavior, folks are still shaking their heads at why this woman poured vodka into a little boy's eyes at the hotel swimming pool.


Apparently, a 7-year-old splashing around with other kids warrants such behavior.

You don't need to be this kid's parents to get super pissed about this situation. After all, who the heck ever thinks it's okay to do something like this, let alone grab this young boy around the chest and push him into the water?

(Obviously a drunk woman, I suppose.)

Needless to say, Roseanna's actions didn't fly too well at the hotel. She was arrested for child abuse, but not before putting up a fight -- including resisting officers and kicking a male cop in the groin.


I can't even imagine what would possess someone to do this. I can't imagine the pain this little boy felt -- or the emotions his parents experienced. Heaven knows if this happened to one of my sons, there would need to be extra space in the backseat of the cop car for me ...


Listen, I understand that kids can kinda be annoying and ruin people's vacations sometimes (I'm being sarcastic), but that never gives anyone the right to harm a child. No matter if this woman was drunk, sober, or otherwise, folks need to understand that they're not the only lounger in the pool.

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As much as I enjoy getting away with my family, I always fear a situation like this (well, maybe not the uber-drunk lady), where my inner mama Hulk needs to come out. Just because you have kids doesn't mean you automatically have to segregate yourself to accommodations and areas that are just for children.

Hopefully, this horrible situation doesn't deter families from taking a vacation. There's enough room in the pool for adults and children alike.



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