2 Crazy Kidnapping Videos Show the Unthinkable Can Happen Right in Front of Any Mom

video of kidnappingWhen most parents think of some monster preying on their child, they imagine the creep hiding in the shadows. Or possibly making a move over the Internet. But two disturbing and unrelated videos prove kidnappers are getting bolder. In each case, the attempted snatching happened with the mothers present -- and surveillance cameras caught it all.


In the first bizarre instance, a woman attempted to befriend a mom who was shopping at the King of Prussia mall in Pennsylvania with her newborn and 2-year-old. After the ladies were seated in the food court, the mother turned her attention to her toddler and that's when the other woman allegedly abducted the infant.

What new mom can't relate to strolling around the mall for a few hours just to get out of the house? You never think someone who just befriended you may try to snatch one of your children while you're tending to the other.

In this case, the alleged kidnapper, Cherie Amoore, told detectives that she never intended to abduct the child, but explained that she'd lost her newborn and just wanted to hold an infant again, according to a report by 6ABC. Police, however, have been unable to confirm that Amoore was ever pregnant.

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In the second bizarre incident, an alleged kidnapper was so bold, he attempted to pry a 13-year-old girl out of her mother's arms in a Florida convenience store. You will almost not believe what you're about to see.

Suspect Craig Bonello, 30, was fortunately scared off by this amazing mom who sprung into action to save her daughter from this creep. He was taken into custody when an off-duty police officer saw the commotion and arrived on the scene in the nick of time. 

These incredibly disturbing videos are important reminders to keep your kids close while shopping and be prepared for anything. No one would ever expect to have their teen ripped away from them right before their eyes, but this proves you can never be sure.


Image via MediaNewsTV/YouTube

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