Moms of Daughters Are Flooding Social Media With #ImWithHer Excitement

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I took my 13-year-old daughter to our polling place Tuesday, which happened to be her middle school, and together we went into the voting booth, and together we nominated Hillary Clinton. And, as it turns out, we helped make history. As an American and as a woman, I'm thrilled -- but as a mom, on behalf of my daughter and because of  what this means to girls everywhere, I'm overjoyed. And as I scroll through social media, I can see I'm not alone.


I talked with some of the moms in my immediate social media circle to see how they're feeling. And to sum it up -- we've come a long way, baby! And moms like me are savoring this moment in a big way. Why? These moms will tell you why!


"I have a tween daughter and a 3-year-old son and for both of them this moment is a victory," Maria tells CafeMom. "The idea that a woman is on the ballot because of what she brings to the table -- equality, growth, community -- speaks volumes for the changing understanding and expectations of this country. My daughter is very likely to grow up with a woman as the leader of this country and this makes a massive impact on the way young girls hold themselves up in life."

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In the Voting Booth

The #GilmoreGirls voted! #ImWithHer #WereWithHer @hillaryclinton #civicduty

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Georgette tells CafeMom: "Hillary Clinton is my choice for president because she has committed her life to women's rights. She also is the only candidate with an 'F' rating from the NRA for her belief in gun sense reforms to make our country safer. As the mother of two girls, both of these issues are important to me. As a woman, I will be so proud to have a woman president in my lifetime and my daughters are so excited to see it happen."

Part of History

Alyssa says: "I think it's very possible -- fingers crossed! -- that Hillary is going to win this election, so I wanted my daughter to be with me every step of this historic way. She came into the voting booth with me. Afterwards, I took a photo of her in front of the polling place, as well as a few selfies of us together. It just felt like we were part of such a historic moment and I just felt this overwhelming need to document it. As a mom, you want your child to grow up believing that they can do anything. But with daughters, there's always been limitations on that, because there's at least one big job that no woman has held before. And now, it's finally possible that that is going to change -- that my daughter, and so many other daughters, are going to grow up believing, no, KNOWING that they truly can do anything."


Jenny tells CafeMom: "I've always told my daughter that she can be anything she wants to be, that women can do anything they choose. But as she's gotten older -- she's 17 now, and has become aware of the pay differences and how she has to dress a certain way at school so as to not 'distract' the boys -- I understood how it was hard for her to really believe me when I say men and women are equal. But now ... now anything and everything seems possible. We are going to have our first woman president and she is going to make a truth teller out of me. She is going to show my daughter that men and women not only can be equal, they are equal."

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A Legacy

"It was SO meaningful for me to share the moment with my daughter, even though she's too young to understand," Anne tells CafeMom. "I look forward to sharing the memory with her when she's older. I'm also already looking forward to having her with me when I cast my vote for Hillary in November!"

How Many Years Until I Can Be President?

"Hillary's election would mean that my daughter's path to leadership has fewer landmines and barriers than mine did," Jen says. "May she never be shushed by a man, told to pursue a less competitive field, or judged for being a working mother."

My personal social media circle isn't the only one full of moms thrilled at what this moment means for our daughters. A quick scroll through Twitter and Instagram gives a glimpse into the feeling of joy and hope moms all over the country are feeling -- not just for ourselves, but for the women who came before us, and for our little girls ...

Stars and Stripes

Wearing our USA shoes to celebrate Hilary Clinton and that broken ceiling #imwithher #freshlypicked

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Dream Come True

Move Over, Boys

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Anything Is Possible

A Full Heart

Anyone Can Be Anything

Thought this shirt was pretty apropos today. #imwithher

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And yes, I got in on the action, too -- sharing the thrill of taking my little girl into a voting booth, in a country where women have only had the right to vote for 95 years. What a day! And what a future.



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