Mom Finds 'Drugs' in Teen's Room -- and Their Text Exchange Will Make You LOL

Mom hilariously mistakes the unthinkable for drugs

Hell hath no fury quite like a mom on a mission. Between the peer pressure kids today experience, the desire to fit in, and unthinkable acts that are making more and more headlines, it's only natural for parents to be on high alert. That's what makes these texts of a mom's reaction to "finding drugs" in her teen daughter's room a must read.


Ashley Banks is a Texas teen who inadvertently pulled a fast one on her mom. After she texted her mom to ask her to look for her calculator, let's just say things took an unexpected turn for the "OMG, you're doing drugs?!" Ashley shared the funny text exchange she had with her mother on Twitter.

If you found this in your teen's room, wouldn't you think they looked like drugs, too?

Mom hilariously mistakes the unthinkable for drugs

Needless to say, Mom was not cool with the idea of her teen daughter doing any kind of drugs -- and wanted girl home ... now!

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Luckily for Ashley, she dodged a major bullet, thanks to keeping her cool and asking her mama to put said "drugs" in water.

Mom hilariously mistakes the unthinkable for drugs 


OMG, this is so funny!

I don't blame this mother one bit for expressing concerns about what appeared to be drugs in her daughter's room. After all, what parent really would be cool at the thought of her kid using illegal substances like it's NBD? Yes, most teens would likely not keep their stash in plain view, but you never know.

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Lord only knows the kind of text messages I'm going to have with my boys once they grow up. As much as I pride myself on being "hip" and "understanding," there are certain things that just aren't going to fly in this household.

At least this mother and daughter can have a laugh about the whole thing. And, seeing as the pills weren't in fact drugs, I'd say pat yourself on the back, Mom!




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