Tween Dies Playing a Popular Social Media Game -- Do Your Kids Know About This?

choking deathThere's nothing fun about a certain online game some tweens and teens are playing. A 12-year-old boy just died after playing an online choking game in which kids deny themselves oxygen to the point of passing out and then post the video of it to social media. However, in this instance and many others, it ends horrifically.




Karnel Haughton of Birmingham, England, was found unconscious in his room by his mom, Gemma, Wednesday evening. He died later at the hospital after attempts to revive him failed. Now, family members, friends, and classmates are mourning the death of this young boy whom friends describe as "witty," "happy," and a wonderful brother to his siblings.

Sadly, the grief the Haughton family is experiencing has been felt by others who've also lost loved ones to this Internet craze.

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This heartbreaking story is an important reminder that it's incredibly important to keep an open dialogue with kids about what they're doing on their phones, tablets, and other devices. For years, parents worried about predators reaching out through cyberspace, but now it seems many children are a danger to themselves as a result of this insidious pastime.

Talking with tweens and teens about the dangers of this "game" are imperative. Even if your kids aren't doing it themselves, finding out if they know someone who is could be the difference between life and death. Because it's often played alone, no one is immediately aware that the child is unconscious. If your son or daughter knows someone "playing" the choking game, that child's parents need to be told immediately.  

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Haughton's friends have set up a Go Fund Me page so that the boy's grandmother, who lives in the US, can attend his funeral. Additionally, they're using the crowdfunding site as a way to warn others about the inherent risk of playing this disturbing "game":

For all the children out there that know it as the choking game please be aware of the consequences.

If this message reaches the right ears, then Haughton's death won't have been in vain.


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