Zoo Lion Tries to Attack Toddler, but the Joke's on Him

Lion tries to pounce on 2-year-old boy at the zoo

With so much attention focused on zoos and enclosures these days, there's another video making the rounds that will make every hair on your body stand on end. Seriously, this video of a lion charging a toddler will give you chills.



A 2-year-old boy in Chiba, Japan, had no idea how badly this lion wanted ... to "meet" him. Luckily, there was a good amount of glass between them, making this encounter just another day at the zoo. (It's still a bit freaky to watch.)

I don't know who filmed this, but if I saw a 400-pound predator creeping up on one of my kids through the lens, you'd only see two things: the camera on the floor and my shoes next to it.


I don't care if there was glass, an electric fence, or 20 guards standing with guns. I'm too freaked out these days with zoos.

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Obviously, the risk of Mr. Lion breaking through the wall of glass is quite slim, but that doesn't mean seeing a video like this wouldn't make you jump -- or want to scream a little. It's just a little too close for comfort and makes those of us (ahem) who have random Final Destination and Planet of the Apes thoughts even more crazed about freak accidents.

Okay, I'm a scaredy-cat -- I admit it. I can laugh at this with my child ... from a bit of a distance. There have been one too many incidents of zoo animals escaping for me to take any chances.

(I think I'll stick with Animal Planet for now.)




Image via Tu Bui Anh/YouTube


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