Little Girl With Prosthetic Leg Cries With Joy Over American Girl Doll Just Like Her

American Girl Doll prosthetic leg

If you were ever a child who loved to play with dolls, you might remember the singular thrill of finding a doll that looked just like you. (Or, even if it didn't actually look just like you, it at least had the same hair color and maybe a similar outfit.) Unfortunately, making that magical playtime match can be tough for kids with special needs -- which is what makes this video of a little girl receiving an American Girl doll with a prosthetic leg just like hers so unbelievably touching.


Houston mom Courtney Fletcher Bennett posted a video of her daughter Emma opening up a box with pretty much the best surprise ever inside: an American Girl doll with a custom-made prosthetic leg in Emma's favorite color (pink!).

Emma's reaction? Check it out -- just be sure to have the tissues ready. (Seriously, you were warned.)

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"Thank you for making a doll just like me!"

(See? Tissues. Is it any wonder this video has gone majorly viral?) Oh, that face!! Clearly, this doll means so much to Emma. This memory will certainly remain one of her favorites for the rest of her life!

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Unfortunately, this isn't a doll any parent can just buy straight off the shelves. Bennett and her husband approached the company A Step Ahead Prosthetics and asked them to fit the doll for a prosthetic leg, and even though it was an unusual request, they agreed -- thankfully! Maybe after seeing this video of Emma, this company (or another) will be inspired to make more dolls for kids like her (and with other types of special needs). 

It's so important for all kids to see themselves represented -- whether it's in movies or TV or books or sports or even the toys they play with. Everyone needs to feel like a valued member of society, and this doll sends exactly that message. Congratulations to Emma's parents on the brilliant idea -- and for raising such a great kid!


Image via Courtney Fletcher Bennett/Flickr

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