Listen to the Cincinnati Zoo Mom's Terrified 911 Call & Try to Judge Her Now

There has been a lot of finger-pointing at Michelle Gregg, the mother of the 4-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla pen at the Cincinnati Zoo on May 28, but we dare any parent not to feel for this woman upon hearing her frantic 911 call when the incident occurred.


Animal activists are up in arms over the situation, which ultimately took the life of Harambe, the 17-year-old male gorilla who inhabited the pen and dragged the young boy around its moat. While many are calling the child's mother negligent, some even campaigning for the family to pay restitution for the deceased animal, Gregg's recently released 911 call will put a human spin on the horrible story.

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The panicked mother is heard saying:

My son fell in the zoo exhibit at the gorilla, at the Cincinnati Zoo. My son fell in with the gorilla. There is a male gorilla standing over him! He's dragging my son. I can't watch this!

Listen to Gregg yourself in this video. It's nearly impossible not to get emotional (not to mention anxious) as this woman stands helpless watching her son in the hands of a 400-lb animal.

I completely understand why people are so upset that Harambe was killed, and even why some might judge a parent for looking away long enough for her child to make his way into such a dangerous situation, but it happened. This doesn't mean that Gregg doesn't love her child with all of her heart. Mistakes happen, accidents happen, and, unfortunately, this happened.

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My heart hurts for the gorilla who lost his life because of this -- but it also breaks for a mother who found herself in an absolutely devastating situation. The call puts a human element on the story that we hadn't yet heard. Hopefully it will lead to a little more compassion for all parties involved.




Image via ViralHog/YouTube

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