Little Boy's 911 Call to Snitch on His Daddy Is Pretty Darn Cute

Robbie Richardson is a 6-year-old boy who called 911, because his dad was speeding

Little kids are like sponges; they're constantly soaking up their surrounding environments, and they have a laser focus on what their parents are doing -- including all the bad stuff we so desperately try to hide. When Mike Richardson and his family went through a car wash, the Massachusetts father had no idea his one "wrong turn" would become a national headline. Mike is still shocked his 6-year-old son called 911 on his dad for running a red light.


Where's the loyalty? (Kidding.)

Robbie Richardson might have to wait nine or 10 more years before he can legally get behind the wheel, but that doesn't mean the boy is clueless about the rules of the road -- particularly if you go through a red light when you aren't supposed to.

Check out his 911 call to police in Quincy, Massachusetts.

In case you missed it, here's what little Robbie said to police: "Um, Daddy went past a red light. And it was in the brand-new car, my mommy's car."

Come on, you have to laugh. It's pretty funny.

Most parents can probably admit they've been in this dad's shoes. Kids can and sometimes will dial 911, whether they think there's something serious going on or when a totally random question pops into their heads.

Heck, I remember ringing up a 911 dispatcher when I was 6. My dad was a detective and I wanted to see if he was available -- lol. (He was soo embarrassed!)

It happens.

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Obviously, 911 is meant for emergencies and shouldn't be used for laughs. Little kids, however, don't always get that memo, which makes unexpected moments like this so memorable.

Hey, at least the person who answered Robbie's call had a great attitude about the situation. (Who knows, maybe it was much-needed relief for him, as that's got to be a very stressful job.)

You might just have a future in law enforcement, Robbie.




Image: WHDH 7 News Boston

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