'It's a Boy!' -- Photo Captures Mom's Shock at Hearing She Didn't Have a Girl

new born turns out to be boy instead of girl

Imagine going to the hospital all set to deliver your new daughter and out pops a son? While it's hard to fathom, it's exactly what happened to Koto Nakamura, who arrived ready to give birth to a girl and instead found herself pushing out a baby boy. Fortunately, a photographer was there to capture the big surprise, because this mom's expression is priceless.


Based on her face, we're guessing she had a name, clothing, a nursery -- everything all picked out and ready to go. We'd definitely have to imagine that this is the surprise of a lifetime for her -- but in a good way? You decide.

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Something in her eyes tells us she may have really had her heart set on a little girl. (Or she knows a little boy who's quite a handful and is already imagining her new little guy turning her closet into a man cave and her china cabinet into a battering ram. Seems like he's already a bit of a prankster, doesn't it, tricking those ultrasound technicians and all!) 

Let's hope this mom is able to put the initial shock behind her and enjoy her beautiful blue bundle. She must have a sense of humor if she allowed the photographer to post it on Instagram, right?

It definitely has to be weird to wrap your mind around the fact that you've been thinking one way for months, only to find out reality is the polar opposite. This story is a great reminder that ultrasounds can really only detect so much, so keep an open mind going into delivery and brace for possibly the biggest surprise of your life.


Image via Angela Waye/Shutterstock

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