Judge Grants New Mom Permission to Keep Her Own Placenta (Um, Thanks?)

A professional judge declares the legal proceeding with a final hit using the gavel.

If you make something, isn't it safe to assume it's yours? One would think the general answer to that question would be "yes," but that's not always the case. Folks are scratching their heads as to why Jordan Thiering, a Mississippi new mom, needed a court order to keep her own placenta, something she technically made in her own body.


At 33 weeks, Thiering made a decision many expectant mothers make: to give placenta encapsulation a try. (You know, when you ingest your placenta in pill form.) Needless to say, Jordan was pretty dumbfounded when the hospital told her she needed a court order to keep her own placenta.

Thankfully, Mom got the paperwork needed to legally get access to her organ once she had her baby.

Jordan told the Clarion-Ledger:

If I give birth to my baby and then I give birth to my placenta, do you own my baby, too? Do I have a third party to my own child? Well, of course not. So then why am I the third party to my own body part? It just doesn’t seem to make sense.

It’s your body part and no matter what women want to do with it, it’s their right to have it.

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While I do understand wanting to protect people from harm, this -- having to obtain a court order, so a mother can keep her placenta -- seems a bit ... extra. Yes, the dangers of infection, disease, and any craziness under the sun are all real. But, come on, do expectant moms in Mississippi really need to walk (or waddle) all the way into a court room just to be able to keep something that's currently inside of their own body?

That whole process seems a little overboard. Surely the state could use the resources and manpower needed to get this done in some other way?

After giving birth to both of my kiddos (now 2 and 1), I remember my doctor asking me if I wanted to keep my placenta. Honestly, it wasn't something I thought about while expecting, and wasn't something that was at the forefront of my mind at the time. (I desperately wanted a footlong sub and a glass of wine.)

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But at least I was given the option to make the choice for myself -- which didn't include heading to the courts for permission weeks prior.

Whether you agree with a woman eating her own placenta or not isn't the issue here. It's the fact that ladies are still having courts decide about their own bodies -- and that's kinda dated in 2016.



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