13 Parents Share Terrifying Stories of Losing Their Kids -- It Can Happen to Anyone

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There's been no lack of response to the incident of a 4-year-old child falling into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnatti Zoo (a misfortune which resulted in the shooting death of a silverback named Harambe). And while many animal lovers have attacked the child's mom for being irresponsible, a large number of parents are standing up for the mom, acknowledging a truth that everyone with children knows: Toddlers are fast, and accidents happen. In fact, little ones getting away from their caregivers is such a common occcurence that there's even a hashtag to prove it: #ivelostmykid.


The Sanctimommy Facebook page asked its followers to share their stories of escapist toddlers and split-second slip-ups, and they didn't disappoint: A seemingly endless stream of comments ensued, with each tale of woe more cringe-inducing than the last. (And we're talking about cringes of recognition, of course!)

Click through our slideshow to read some of the more harrowing stories -- and be thankful none of them are yours!


Image via iStock.com/filo