Watch This 6-Month-Old Baby Break a Waterskiing World Record Like NBD

Six month old becomes world's youngest waterskiier
Some things you really need to see to believe -- and this is one of them! Those who've ever tried to water-ski know firsthand just how difficult it can be. That's what makes Zyla St. Onge amazing. Would you believe me if I told you this 6-month-old girl broke a world record for waterskiing? It really happened!


Little Zyla shocked the entire planet last week when she water-skied for 686 feet across Lake Silver in Florida. Looking like a mini badass in pink, she skied across the lake like nobody's business.

Seriously, y'all, you need to see this little girl in action.

Pretty crazy, right?!

What's even more shocking is that the person Zyla took the title from was also a 6-month-old, but a couple of days older than the new waterskiing sensation.

(Um, is there like a waterskiing class for future Olympians that we don't know about?)

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Even with people in the water, in case something happened, I would be a nervous wreck. On one hand, I would be screaming my head off and cheering for my sweet child. Then again, it would take David Hasselhoff himself to keep me from chasing after her.

This is so amazing.

Congrats, Zyla!



Image via World Barefood Center/YouTube

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