Dad Takes His Little Girl into the Men's Room & Gets Beat Up for It

Public restroom with urinals

Regardless of where you stand on the great bathroom debate, we should all be able to agree on one thing: No one deserves to get attacked over it. Sadly, Christopher Adams didn't have this luck. The Utah dad got beat up for taking his daughter into the men's bathroom with him during a recent family trip to Walmart.


Did Dad really deserve to get sucker-punched for bringing his 5-year-old daughter in the men's bathroom? (Hopefully, your answer is no.) This is so unimaginable, but here we are.

Like most moms and dads, Christopher didn't think twice about bringing his 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter into the bathroom with him. They both had to pee -- and seeing as more people would have an issue with Dad setting foot in the ladies' bathroom, Christopher made the decision to take his little girl into the men's.

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Yes, you can argue that little Emery should've gone with Mom into the women's room. Christopher's wife was with their family in Walmart, but couldn't take her for whatever reason. (Maybe she was talking to an associate. Maybe she was in the check-out line. We don't know.) It's certainly not uncommon for parents to take their kids to the bathroom (same sex or not), especially if they're too young to go into a bathroom by themselves -- so why was this a big deal?

Perhaps the awesome and kind gentleman, who thought it was a good idea to curse and brawl with Christopher, should've considered this option. Screaming, punching, and kicking a man don't seem like the best actions to take when you don't agree with someone.

Listen, I get that a 5-year-old girl in the guys' bathroom can be problematic. There are urinals and "man parts" she might catch a glimpse of. But I just don't see what this father did as being that wrong. As a mother of two boys, I know there will likely be times while out that I need to take them with me into the bathroom. Hopefully no woman will try to charge at me for doing so. (For the record, this mama does MMA, so come with it.)

Should there be more family bathrooms to help prevent this from happening again? Absolutely. But in their absence, we should try our best to gird our loins and deal with the fact that a child of the opposite sex will pee in the same facility as we do. (You won't die, I promise.)

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As sad as this story is, I hope it's an eye-opener to just be kind to people. We don't all have to agree with each other's actions (the guy in the bathroom could've asked Christopher questions or contacted a store employee before flying off the deep end), but for goodness' sake, can we try a little harder to see the humanity in each other -- or think about the visual of a parent being assaulted in front of their kids that this will leave?

There are single moms, single dads, parents with children of the opposite sex, members of the LGBT community with children of the opposite sex, and caregivers who could all find themselves in this very situation. This is why it's so important to think before you act.

This was so bad.



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