Badass Mom's Bikini Pic Shuts Down the Breastfeeding Double Standard

MMA mom slams breastfeeding and sexy double standard

At some point, all of us are going to have to admit we have a serious problem in this society. For some reason, it's still okay to treat people differently if they don't fall in line with a certain look, or if they do something considered a "faux pas." Well, ladies and gents, breastfeeding should not be on that list -- period. Jackie Owens's viral breastfeeding/"sexy" lady comparison photo is a visual reminder of the double standard many women experience, and proof there's more work that needs to be done.


Posting on The Badass Breastfeeder Facebook page, Owens, who happens to be an MMA ring girl and proud mama of three, couldn't help herself. She had to rant about what she calls "perspective and hypocrisy," and used pretty awesome side-by-side snaps to prove her point.

"If seeing the picture on the left is ok with you, then seeing the picture on the right should be ok with you."

(Amen, Jackie. Amen.)

That sort of thinking is dated and sends the wrong message.

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As a mother of two tots who happens to train with professional MMA fighters (I'm not trying to be the next Miesha Tate; I just like the craft), seeing Jackie in her MMA getup isn't that shocking to me. (Personally, I think the ladies fighters should have men in nut huggers walk around the ring -- as a uniform equivalent -- but we can talk about that one later.) Do I agree with showing a ton of skin, for the sake of sexiness? Nope, it's not my cup of tea. But I won't knock anyone who does, or feels confident showing off who they are. (PS, Jackie: You look damn good, mama. Tell me your secrets.)

This same thought process needs to apply to breastfeeding mothers.

Like Jackie, I, too, am a breastfeeding mom -- and the fact that some people think the idea of nursing a child in public is some vulgar thing, because you might see a titty, is a little ridiculous. It also reiterates how much we sexualize the most natural things. (And, before you argue sex is natural and shouldn't be done in public, that's true. But are we seriously going to sit here and go back and forth about why intercourse and nourishing a child aren't one in the same? Please say no.)

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Listen, we're all entitled to our opinion. (We can agree to disagree.) There will always be things that we're comfortable with, and other things that make us move a little in our seats. (That's life.) And yes, we can argue for days about what is and isn't appropriate content for people to post on social media, but that's a losing battle, too. People are going to do what they want. (Live, let live, and use your filters if it really bothers you.)

What isn't "kosher," however, is this double standard: that it's acceptable for a woman to show off her body -- so long as it's in something revealing and visually pleasing -- and disgusting for a mother to nurse her child. We need to get rid of this mentality and pronto.

Thank you, Jackie, for sharing your photos. You truly are a badass breastfeeder!





Image via The Badass Breastfeeder/Facebook

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