Hilariously Bad School Assignment Asks Kid to Draw Before & After Picture of Mom

kids drawing of momEvery once in a while, your child might come home with an assignment that leaves you scratching your head wondering where the teacher was going with it. Much to one mom's bewilderment, her 6-year-old daughter brought home a piece of work in which she was asked to draw "what mom looks like in the morning" versus "what mom looks like when she is going out." Bizarre, right?


Well, the student sure took the task seriously. You've got to hand it to this kid -- just look at those eyelashes. Yowza!

child's homework assignment

Talk about a makeover! But, really, how is this actually an assignment? Based on the printing at the top, this was definitely distributed by a "grown-up."

We have to wonder what other homework assignments this teacher doles out:

Draw a picture of your mom when she's got her period.

Using a sock puppet, show us what your dad looks like when he's hungover.

Make a diorama of your grandparents arguing over their medications at Thanksgiving dinner.

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Even if you try to be really imaginative, it's still hard to conjure up a scenario where this assignment makes sense, right?

The illustration was posted by "a friend" on Imgur.com, so it's hard to know if the mom had a good laugh at this or marched into the principal's office to find out how this was educational. We could see both happening, actually. But commenters were quick to point out the mom's "thigh gap," and one who says she knows this mom IRL describes her as "sassy as sh-t," so it looks like this little artist was spot-on.

Sure, it's almost June, and teachers and students are getting weary, but, still, we just can't see how this assignment was a good idea. Good for a laugh, though? Absolutely.



Images via imgur.com

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