10 Disney Princesses Reimagined as Moms Like Us -- They Mostly Need Naps

10 Disney Princesses Reimagined as Moms Like Us -- They Mostly Need Naps

belle as mom

The Disney princesses have been reimagined by clever illustrators as everything from their older selves to Bernie Sanders, but our favorite recent update to these classic characters comes courtesy of artist Isaiah Stephens, who drew the animated icons as moms in all their messy, everyday glory! No one said life was easy after "Happily-Ever-After" and these drawings are a hilarious interpretation of that fact! 

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"I wanted to try and highlight some of the major events and scenarios a parent of an infant or toddler would go through," Stephens told CafeMom about the set, which he created for Cosmopolitan.com in celebration of Mother's Day. "Funny moments, tender moments, and a few in-between. Keep in mind I'm saying this as a person who doesn't have kids!"

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As someone who does have kids, I will say that Stephens did a pretty great job of nailing those universal moments -- he really hit the nail on the head! Read through our slideshow to see his amazing drawings, and check out Stephens's Instagram account for more! These illustrations are absolutely, 100 percent perfect depictions of our favorite princesses as moms. 

Image via Isaiah Stephens

  • Belle


    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    Naturally a feminist mama like Belle wouldn't think twice about breastfeeding in public! And how lucky that her trademark hairstyle is a super practical one! (Good thing she ditched the ball gown, though.) Plus, who would mess with her knowing she has a Beast for a husband?

  • Ariel


    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    Even mermaid moms aren't immune to a little mush in the eye! Wonder if Ariel will teach her kid to say "fork" or "dinglehopper"? At least we know red hair is genetic. He definitely got that naughty streak from his pal Flounder though. 

  • Elsa


    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    Looks like certain talents are hereditary in this family! And we're guessing this is one little guy who's gonna want to build a LOT of snowmen. We love how cozy these two look, though we know the cold doesn't really bother them anyway. 

  • Flynn & Rapunzel


    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    Hmm, Flynn is being a bit overdramatic about this diaper change, no? But honestly, we can't say we blame him. Those early newborn diapers can be deadly. Still, pull it together, Dad!

  • Naveen & Tiana

    Naveen & Tiana

    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    Tiana has some major side-eye for newbie dad Naveen. Considering that he really hadn't worked a day in his life before he met Tiana, we can see why she's pretty tickled over it. And honestly, it happens to the best of us!

  • Jasmine & Aladdin


    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    There is something extra beautiful about imagining a Disney princess pregnant, and seeing a prince turn into a doting dad. These two are definitely about to enter a "whole new world," that's for sure! If it's a boy, they should name him "Gene."

  • Phillip & Sleeping Beauty


    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    Princess Aurora probably wishes she could go back to sleep! We love how Phillip is totally in this with her, looks like these two took royal lamaze classes together. Here's hoping her baby gets better gifts than she did.

  • Pocahontas


    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    Is there anything more beautiful than a mama in the wild? Pocahontas would of course raise her little one with a deep appreciation for nature. This one's just flat-out lovely!

  • Mulan & Shang


    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    A warrior like Mulan should be able to handle motherhood, no problem! (Which, from the way her belly looks, should be happening any second.) These two would make the most tender and toughest parents ever. 

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  • Cinderella


    Image via Isaiah Stephens

    Yup, this is exactly the sort of behavior we would expect from Cinderella's offspring! But Mom better watch out -- glass slippers aren't what we would call kid-friendly. 

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