Baby 'Delivers Himself' in Amazing Video That Shows the Beauty of Cesarean Births

Mom shares natural cesarean childbirth

No matter how much you plan to give birth au naturel, things happen, and it doesn't make your journey any less important. Sarah Saunders's amazing natural cesarean video -- with baby "delivering himself" -- is an unbelievable sight that will keep you glued to your computer screen. (No, really, it will.)


Sarah posted the video of her C-section on YouTube as a way of encouraging mommies who might need a cesarean. "I wanted to share this video to show that if you are unable to give birth 'naturally' that having a natural cesarean is the next best thing! In this amazing video my son delivers himself after the surgeon helps his head out," Saunders wrote. She posted it a while ago, but it's making the viral rounds now, and we can see why!

Warning: This video is a wee graphic and likely NSFW.

How amazing is this? After all, it's not every day that you see a newborn wiggle his way out of his mother's belly! (Um, what?)

I must admit that I didn't know what a natural cesarean was, but am happy expectant moms have them available. In case you're in the same boat (it's okay to admit it) as I am, just know natural C-sections mimic benefits of vaginal births, including watching LO being born, slowing down delivery (to take its natural course), and promoting skin-to-skin contact.

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With so much shaming about how a mother delivers her child (what's kosher and what isn't), I love hearing stories like this that focus on being uplifting. All a mother wants is to have a healthy baby whom she can love for a lifetime.

Thanks for sharing, Sarah.




Image via Sarah Saunders/YouTube

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