Dad Almost Gets Arrested After Toddler Barfs in Car & His Texts Are Hilarious

Parenthood: It's not for the faint of heart (or stomach!). Just ask dad Ben Patterson, who recently had the hands-down worst kid-puking-in-car experience ever. I know what you're thinking -- pretty much all kid-puking-in-car experiences are terrible -- but this one was so bad it involved the cops showing up (and a series of texts to his wife that are so hilarious, they're going viral)!


It all started out innocently enough. As Patterson posted on Facebook (along with screenshots of the texts to his wife, Stephanie), he had agreed to watch the kids one night while Stephanie went out with some friends. Ben and Stephanie met up to swap cars, according to plan, and everything seemed to be going smoothly -- until their son Declan's upset stomach threw the family's ride home seriously off course:

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Oh, poor little guy! That's the face of a kid who's feeling absolutely 100 percent miserable -- though his dad certainly wasn't feeling much better, as his increasingly desperate texts to his (temporarily incommunicado) wife prove:

Oh no!! Cleaning up after a sick kid is rough even for those of us who don't have hair trigger gag reflexes, but it's got to be close to impossible for parents with weak stomachs. Still, being a sympathetic vomiter certainly isn't a crime -- which, luckily the police finally figured out. 

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I've got to agree with Ben here -- his wife definitely does owe him. So big! It's the kind of disaster that would almost seem too over-the-top to be believed if you saw it in a sitcom or a zany movie about the pitfalls of parenting, but, as every mom and dad knows, truth is almost always stranger than fiction when it comes to raising kids!

Here's hoping everybody got a nice hot bath and a good night's sleep after this unforgettable misadventure. And I think Dad deserves a night out! 


Images via Ben Patterson/Facebook

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