School Takes Down Poster Comparing Girls to 'Meat' -- Thanks to One Badass Teen

It's not the stupid, sexist poster hung in the high school library that really matters. It's the magnificent girl who raised a stink and made sure it got taken down who's worth taking a moment to celebrate. She's proof positive we're raising a generation of girl-power feminists who know better. Yay us!


The poster in question hung in the library of Desert Ridge High School in Mesa County, Arizona -- and looks like some weird homemade religious cult craft. It seems to try to make the argument that girls are just distracting meat for boys who get bad grades and everyone is doomed or something. I don't really feel like unpacking all the woman hate -- it will just give me a huge headache -- so you're going to have to take a look at this mess for yourself.

Also, I'm not so sure comparing our boys to horny wolves in so great, either. Where's my Tylenol?

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It was there for a couple of days, according to The Guardian, until senior Alissa Adams walked up to the librarian and asked for it to be taken down. Reportedly, the librarian refused. So Alissa whipped out her pen and wrote, "So it's the girls [sic] fault, right? #feminism" Then she snapped a pic and shared it on social media. It blew up and so did the whole sexist mess.

Who is this girl's mother and can I buy her a drink? Because Alissa's spontaneous feminist protest should tell us everything we need to know about the future of sexism and the job we're doing of raising our daughters. We're killing it, you guys!

And it's not just Alissa. She explained that the whole class, boys and girls alike, were appalled by how blatantly sexist that poster was. And that is music to this feminist mother's ears. It means it doesn't matter how many sexist posters you hang up -- our kids already know it's BS and have the courage to say so. Even when it takes a while for the rest of the grown-ups to catch up.

We did that!

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The school district has since come out and apologized. Irene Mahoney-Paige, spokeswoman for the Gilbert Schools system, released a statement admitting, "Hanging of the poster was inappropriate and very poor judgment on behalf of the librarian. It is not reflective of the spirit and community of Desert Ridge High School or the Gilbert Public Schools District."

Okay, fine. Whatever.

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But that's the world our kids our going to inhabit, at least for the time being. A world where school librarians, and bosses and colleagues and professors, all can have "very poor judgment" when it comes to treating our girls as second class. The only thing we can do is raise girls (and boys too!) who are smart enough to know better and tough enough to call out sexism and unfair treatment wherever they see it. And based on the reactions of Alissa and her Desert Ridge classmates, we're doing a pretty damn good job.

So the next time someone tells you that today's young girls don't appreciate feminism, you tell them about Alissa Adams and the generation of girls we're raising to go out and shatter every glass ceiling and give the patriarchy one final death blow. One stupid, sexist poster at a time.


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