Dad Suing Restaurant for Lack of High Chairs Really Doesn't Get It

dad sues over lack of high chairs

Here's the story of a dad who maybe has too much time on his hands. A father in Canada is suing a restaurant because it failed to supply his 1-year-old with a high chair. Earls Kitchen and Bar in Vancouver is facing a human rights hearing as a result of Phillip Ryan crying foul and saying his toddler was discriminated against. Whoa.


Reportedly, two different locations of this chain "declined" to provide a high chair, but rather suggested Ryan either hold his child on his lap or seat the toddler beside him. Makes sense, right? Well, not to this dad. You see, while he wanted to dine with his baby, he certainly didn't want to have to hold the little one, noting that it would be "stressful" and "less enjoyable."

We just have to ask: Sir, have you ever dined out with a 1-year-old before? It is typically stressful and less enjoyable no matter where they're seated!

And though it's been a while since I've had to use a high chair, if memory serves, those contraptions -- especially ones designed for restaurants -- are no picnic. Unless your baby has the stubby little legs of a koala bear, you often feel like you're busting their kneecaps just to stuff them into that chair. Then, you'd have to remove their shoes to pull their legs free after dinner.

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Plus, I don't know about your kids, but mine invariably would find a way to push off the table and almost go reeling backwards -- either knocking into a waitress or nearly falling on their heads.

And don't get me started on the filth factor of restaurant high chairs. Do you really want your baby sitting where another toddler has just spent the past hour rubbing mashed potatoes and mac and cheese into the lap belt? Not mention the fact that your baby will undoubtedly discover gum and who knows what else that's been stuck beneath the seat for weeks. Gross.

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We get that this dad probably thinks he's embarking on a valiant crusade on behalf of parents everywhere, but suing doesn't seem like the answer. Instead, here are a few other alternatives: Find another restaurant. Get takeout. Bring a booster seat with you. Hold your baby!

What happens if this dad visits friends and they fail to provide sippy cups? Friendship terminated!

This just doesn't sound like a human rights issue. If the child weren't allowed in the restaurant at all, maybe then he'd have a case, but still. Perhaps this is the restaurant's way of letting people know it's not in the same category as Chuck E. Cheese's -- and we're pretty sure diners without kids appreciate it.



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