This JetBlue Video Shows What It Takes for People to Be Nice to Moms on Planes: Money

jetblue flybabiesFact: Trying to stop a baby from crying on an airplane is right up there with trying to teach an elephant to tap dance in terms of impossible tasks, with the worst part being the dirty looks (and even harsh words) already-frazzled parents get from fellow passengers. But JetBlue is looking to change all of that with their new Mother's Day–inspired promotional video, #FlyBabies.


In an effort to foster a sense of understanding for parents traveling with unpredictable (and often unruly) little ones, JetBlue did something pretty extreme: They offered passengers on a flight from Long Beach, California, to New York City 25 percent off the price of their next JetBlue flight every time a baby on the plane cried -- and, since there were several babies on the plane (and we all know how often babies have complete meltdowns in the air), guess what? You get a free plane ticket! And you get a free plane ticket! And YOU get a free plane ticket! Check out the unusually cheerful reactions to those cranky babies:

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Now that's a plane ride of a different color, eh? (Hmm, I guess that color would have to be blue.) Seriously, as a mom, I really do appreciate what JetBlue was trying to do here, especially by prefacing the gimmick with the nervous moms explaining their fear of flying (with baby). It might be hard to understand for someone who's only ever experienced the annoyance of hearing someone else's toddler scream for the entire length of a trip, but flying with babies is truly, TRULY stressful. Not only do you have to worry about the comfort and safety of your child, but -- to paraphrase what one of the moms in the video said -- you have to worry about everybody around you spending the whole flight wishing your baby wasn't on the plane. This video definitely does a good job of showing how nerve-racking the air travel process can be for parents, which (hopefully) should inspire some compassion. 

Overall, it was a fun and funny reminder that people do, in fact, have it in them to be more tolerant of other people's children on planes -- although it's kind of sad that JetBlue essentially had to pay them off in exchange for said tolerance! Maybe they could have made the same point by giving people discounts off their next flight for doing something to help comfort the crying babies, like striking up a game of peek-a-boo (or buying Mom a glass of wine)? Granted, the average stranger wouldn't go that far to help out a beleaguered mom in the next row -- but it might be a nice idea to put out there.

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Either way, this was most likely just a one-time-only thing (JetBlue would go broke in a hurry if this was standard policy), so it's sort of a moot point. Hopefully their customers will still take the message of this video to heart: "Next time, smile at a baby for crying out loud. Happy Mother's Day."


Image via jetblue/YouTube

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