These Photos Show Why Every Kid Should Wear a Bike Helmet

Mom shares chilling photo of what can happen when kids don't wear a bike helmet

Like most kids growing up, you probably rushed through your meal so you could head outside to play. Riding a bike wasn't a big deal, so long as you payed attention to cars and promised not to attempt some Evel Knievel stunt you saw on TV. Sadly, tragedy still strikes, and it can happen without any warning signs. Tiffany Rivera is a Florida mom who almost lost her son to an unthinkable bike accident -- and is warning parents about the dangers of not enforcing helmets.


When Tiffany's 10-year-old son Jaden fell off his bike, Mom did what most of us would do: She cleaned his cuts and made sure he was okay. With no signs of trauma -- or complaints from Jaden about his head -- life went on ... until Jayden started acting strangely a couple of days later.

That's when Mom noticed swelling and a "squishy" spot on her son's head, which would lead to an almost three-hour emergency surgery and a craniotomy.

On Monday March 21 2016 my 10 year old son Jaden was riding his bike without a helmet. While riding his bike he fell off...

Posted by Tiffany A Rivera on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Who would ever think a bike fall that left this 10-year-old with a few scrapes on the knee and elbow would ever turn into a right temporal fracture of the skull -- and 32 staples in the head?!

As Tiffany describes on Facebook:

We were told by the surgeon and other doctors that it was a miracle he [Jaden] survived. All other cases the kids never came out of surgery.

So scary!

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No matter how painful it is to look at these photos, and think about a sweet child suffering, we need to soak in this message, in all of its entirety.

What happened to Jaden can happen to one of our children. Luckily, this little boy did not lose is life -- or suffer any disabilities because of his accident. He will get to grow up and have all the chances to ride his bike again.

I'm so thankful Tiffany decided to share her story. All of us need to heed her warning about using helmets, so what happened to her child doesn't happen to anyone else.

I am telling you this in hopes to raise awareness for all children and adults [sic] why you need to wear a helmet. Help others be aware of the dangers of riding without the proper safety equipment. This can happen to anyone! The injuries my son had were equal to those in a motorcycle accident!

Even though my kiddos are still small, I will enforce wearing helmets every time they ride a bike. I know some people don't look at them as cool (I know I didn't when I was growing up), but I'd rather my children be safe than stylish.

Thank you, Tiffany.



Image via Tiffany A. Rivera/Facebook

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