Mom Leaves Baby in Hot Car to Buy Video Games & Man Films Himself Yelling at Her

Infant baby sitting in a car seat

Each year, we hear about tragic deaths involving children left in hot cars. And each year, so many try to warn parents about the dangers of doing so. A man's shocking video of a crying baby left in a hot car -- as the mother shops for video games inside a store -- will anger you, frustrate you, and leave you full of questions.


Manny Williams of Richmond, California, shared his video on Facebook, where he claims Mom took her oldest son into a store and left her baby ... in the car ... unattended ... for close to 20 minutes. There were blankets covering the baby's car seat, which likely made things hotter. Even with the windows rolled down, this poor little 3-month-old child sure looked uncomfortable. 

Richmond Police is Investigating.Caught this stupid chick leaving baby in car to get video game.had her 5 or 6 yr old...

Posted by Manny Williams on Saturday, April 16, 2016

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This. Was. Hard. To. Watch.


As a mother, I try my best not to scold other parents. I'd like to give most the benefit of the doubt. I'd like to think people are good and are doing their absolute best to raise their children.

... But this, this enrages me.

Year after year, I hear stories of parents accidentally forgetting their child in the car -- only to later realize, and have the absolute worst thing imaginable become a reality. Yes, accidents do happen, but this situation could've been deadly. What if someone broke into the car and drove off? What if this precious child overheated and died? Is a video game really worth your baby's life?

What makes my blood boil even more is that when Mom was confronted on camera, she rolled up the windows to the car (hopefully putting the air on) and went back into the store -- like no big deal. As a mother of 2-year-old and 10-month-old sons, I get how annoying it is to fiddle with a car seat, but that doesn't mean it's right to leave your kid inside.

And as happy as I am that Manny got this horrifying incident on film (the proof is definitely in the video), rather than spend so much time chastising the mother, why not alert the authorities sooner than later?

All I can say is thank God this baby turned out to be okay. Who knows if authorities will pursue any actions against the mother. I can only hope this was her wake-up call to think about her baby's well-being.

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This is one of the reasons why fellow mommies and I walk up and down parking lots before entering stores. I never (ever) want to think about the possibility of a sweet child suffocating to death because he or she was left inside a car -- intentionally or not.

As parents, we need to do better. Our children, and their safety, depend on it.



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